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Hello! My Chocolate Box Girls series looks at a blended family with five sisters... do you have anything in common with them?

Jennie (Mum): In some ways yes - my three girls also have a stepfather, whom I married last summer with all the girls as bridesmaids! The difference is he joined us as a solo unit! So... Niamh is 13, Arwen is 10 and Paloma is 4...

Cool! So, Niamh, what is it like being the eldest sister?

Niamh: It's kind of difficult as you have to be the protective one and set all the examples, but at the same time the others look up to you, which is a nice thing! So is being considered mature and responsible to look after them! And two little sisters means twice the love...

Arwen, What is it like being the middle sister?

Arwen: It's good! You look up to your big sister and also down to your little one... you can see what is ahead AND think back to how you used to be. It is more chilled to be in the middle as there's less pressure and less drama! The other two are always wanting to move ahead and do new things; Nimah wants to be an adult and Paloma wants to be like us!

Paloma, what is it like being the littlest sister?

Paloma: It's great because my big sisters hug me and make up plays for my funny stories, and I love them very much. They teach me things and play with me. Sometimes they tell me the wrong things, or dress up as something scary, and I don't like that so much!

Is it cool to have two sisters? How would you feel about having an even bigger family, like in the Chocolate Box Girls series?

Niamh: Not sure. I like having two sisters, but any more would mean a really big age gap; Arwen and I would be adults as they were starting school! Then again, I love little babies, so it might be cute!
Arwen: It would be good to have a bigger family but I'd prefer older siblings so that I'm not one of the eldest! We're very close to our grandparents, so it does feel like having a big family...
Paloma: I like having two sisters, but I would love LOADS of sisters!

What is the best/worst thing about having sisters?

Paloma: The best is that I love them so much and can't stop hugging them. The worst is when I have to stop hugging them so they can go to school!
Arwen: The best thing is that there's always someone there for you when you are sad or angry, or when things go wrong...
Niamh: We can gossip about the adults!
Arwen: The worst is that they are sometimes mean or ignore me, or we argue.
Niamh: The best thing is having people to do things with, and teaching them things, like showing Paloma how to climb or swing by herself. The worst is not being able to get away from them sometimes when they want to do what I'm doing!

Do you all play/chat/hang out together, or are there times when you need a little space?

Paloma: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Arwen: Both - we mostly hang out together but sometimes Niamh and I need space to do homework.
Niamh: We do need our own space sometimes, but it's fun to be able to make up games with Paloma and act like we're younger! We have our own bedrooms if we need some space - mine is the biggest so sometimes the sisters pile in with me and even try to sleep over!

Do you ever borrow things from your sisters? Do you always ask first?

Arwen: Yes... and no!
Niamh: Do you go in my room?
Arwen: Sometimes...
Niamh: I thought so! Paloma often takes things without asking... she thinks our stuff is like treasure!
Paloma: All your things are mine!

Have you ever learned something important or useful about life from one of your sisters?

Arwen: Niamh taught me never to judge a book by its cover.
Niamh: I learned confidence from Arwen - she is less bothered by what people think of her. She does drama, while I am more shy performing...

Could you confide a secret to one of your sisters, or not?
Niamh & Arwen: NO!!!
Arwen: She subtly blurts things out at the dinner table...
Niamh: We sometimes tell each other things and then tell the secret when we get mad at each other!

Are you all quite different, personality wise?

Niamh: Yes, very! As a teen, I can be grouchier and need more time alone. Paloma can be quite loud and confident, and Arwen is somewhere in between!
Arwen: We're all creative, but Niamh is more musical, while I prefer to draw and think up stories to fit the pictures.

Any advice for our readers about how to keep the peace in a big family?

Arwen: Find things you agree on to make you laugh... and respect each others differences!
Niamh: Family time with board games, for example, is good bonding time; but make time for your own interests too!
Arwen: Think about how you speak to your family... don't start rows over nothing, look on the positive side when you can and treat others as you want to be treated!

Many thanks to Jennie for helping us to orgainse and collate the interview!

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  1. I Have 3 sisters and two brothers! even though in chocolate box girls its all sisters i like having a mix! there is a little bit of difference in our ages! im the second oldest but im the oldest out of the girls.I Have a older brother who is 19 then it is me,then my younger brother who is 15 and finally my sisters who are 12 years old ,7 years old and two years old. Its nice to have a mixture of siblings,if im having a girly day then me and my 12 year old sister will do girly things in our shared bedroom or even if i want to play video games my younger brother is always up for it! and finally its nice sometimes to play with my youngest siblings wither its going to the park or playing with barbies.

  2. Well,I have a younger sister.She can be quite adorable and annoying at times.It is better to have a sibling than to be alone though.What about you, Cathy?Do you have any brothers or sisters?Share with us!

  3. Paloma is so cute!!

  4. I have two younger sisters. It can be quite hard because I am always having to set the example. I love them heaps but hate it when they annoy me.



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