Monday 17 March 2014


What's the feedback so far on DREAMCATCHER? You have YOUR say...

Charlotte says:
I like the fact that there's a variety of different posts every time I look, and that Cathy gets her readers involved in DREAMCATCHER.
I love the name, too - it sparks off all kinds of cool images and ideas. I love the fact that the blog-zine is Cathy Cassidy related, especially! I'd like to see more quizzes and comps and more features like the recent anti-bullying one, but on a whole range of themes and issues.
I'd like to see posts from the characters too, maybe an occasional hello from Skye or Ginger, just so we know how they're getting on!

Michaela says:

I think DREAMCATCHER is brilliant. In every post there is something from Cathy, something from her fans, and important issues like the posts on bullying. It is like reading a chapter of a book - just enough to keep you interested. Many writers have a blog, but DREAMCATCHER's different - it's not just about Cathy but her fans too!
Vicky says:

I like many things on DREAMCATCHER... posts on different themes, features on people, etc. I ;d like to see more on friendship - features on 'how we became best friends' perhaps!
I'd also love to know how Cathy was inspired to create the Chocolate Box Girls series and CCTV. I'd like to know more about book signings at bookshops, book festivals and so on... that would be cool!

Satvika says:

I am really liking the DREAMCATCHER blog-zine so far! What I'd love to see are mini-comps for poetry, short stories or essays... a showcase for reader's writing.
You could post horoscopes and even have a Happy Birthday page! A page where readers could exchange views and inform others about their favourite new books, music and movies would be really amazing, too - a sort of review forum where other teens were sharing their views! I think that would be great...

Alice says:
I really like DREAMCATCHER because it is written by other CC fans like me!
I found the recent post about braces really helpful, as it has kind of boosted my confidence. I'm getting braces soon and I was quite worried about it, but after reading the DREAMCATCHER feature I feel loads better about it! I love the fact that DREAMCATCHER shows that there are other people out there who know how you feel or have felt what you have felt.
Chloe says:
Help, DREAMCATCHER! Mother's Day is coming up soon and I want to give my mum the best prezzie ever because she's so brilliant. She doesn't really like chocolates or flowers so I need some inspiration from somewhere! She loves Bruce Springsteen and I know she'd love to go to New York, but I don't think I can afford that! Can anyone help?

Hmmm... can anyone help Chloe? COMMENT BELOW if you have any suggestions!

When reader Megan met Cathy Cassidy at her signing at HAY BOOK FESTIVAL last year, she gave Cathy a very cool prezzie... a picture made from melted wax crayons! Could be a cool Mother's Day prezzie, maybe?

We asked Megan how she made it... so now YOU can do it, too!

*Stick some broken up crayons to a small, blank canvas using superglue or a glue gun.

*Use a hairdryer or a heat blower to blow the crayons in the direction you want them to go... they will melt and look all gorgeous and colourful!

Cathy says:
My crayon art picture from Megan is on the wall next to my work desk... how cool? Do you have any tips for cool, arty makes? COMMENT BELOW or send your make-it ideas in here!


  1. Hi Chloe, why don't you make a homemade flower bouque for your Mum or a special Mothers day poem framed in a frame you've decorated yourself. Blondie

    1. Great idea Blondie... mums love anything home-made and personal! xxx

    2. Thank you, I made a flower bouque for a friend's Mum and she loved it Blondie

  2. You could maybe get an old plain notice board from somewhere, then paint it her favourite colours, and stick memories on it, such as that picture of when you went to the zoo or those train tickets from when you went somewhere together, maybe some special scraps of material! I made one of these for my friend and she loved it!�� xxx

    1. I love this idea Charlotte - you could even add a pic of Bruce Springsteen as Chloe's mum loves him, and a postcard of New York with 'one day!' scrawled onto it in marker pen! Pinboards are only a couple of pounds in stationery/office supply shops. xxx

  3. It was in a Morrisons magazine but it said that a good mothers day gift would be to give a bouque of foam or real flowers in a box, then put a pic of your Mum holding you when you where a baby. Blondie



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