Tuesday 11 March 2014


Cathy says:

Do dreams and doodles go together? They do for me! I often got into trouble for daydreaming at school, and I was always getting told off for filling the backs of my exercise books with sketches, doodles and scribbles. To this day, I cannot listen to a talk or lecture without doodling as I think...  I reckon it's just the way my brain works! Some of my readers are very skilled and talented doodlers, too... and often I'm lucky enough to be given examples of their artwork! I thought I'd share just a few of my favourites...

I met reader Pippa on my recent Coco Caramel paperback tour, and she gave me this fabulous poster inspired by my books.
It's so bright and beautiful... I just love it!

Reader Jasmine was another talented reader I met on my recent tour.
This is a page from her jotter, filled with the most beautiful manga style drawings of some of my characters. Can you spot Coco, Skye and Cherry? So cool!
 If I ever made an animated series of the books, I'd call Jasmine!

This fabulous, rainbow bright doodle was made and given to me by reader Anna... isn't it awesome?
Doodles can make even a plain sheet of notepaper come alive!
My fabulous cover designer at Puffin, Sara, saw this pic on my Instagram feed and commented on how much she loved it!

Reader Caren lives in Indonesia, but she has the doodle-bug too!
I love this daydreamy picture, decorating a page of her journal!
 Lettering can be really hard to master, but Caren has a real talent for it!

Are you addicted to dreaming and doodling? If you've made some doodles based on my books or characters, why not email them to me here or share them on the Facebook Fanpage? Which of the doodles here is your favourite? COMMENT BELOW and let me know!


  1. OMG!! I still can't believe my doodle is posted here! yo're AWESOME Cathy,I mean it!! more doodles coming soon ;)
    Caren xxx

  2. My favourites have to be Caren and Jasmine's! I really love the way they make uncoloured work look so fanfiddletastic! Caren even made ME a doodle before and I absolutelt love it!

  3. I love doodling, for my 9th birthday one of my best friends gave me a doodle book by klutz and it's really cool, I like manga and chibi drawing and was inspired by my sister who used and still sometimes does draw them Blondie

  4. hey Cathy :) I really loved your website,its fab and awesome! so..I was wondering..how did you made your beautiful website?

    Caren xxx

    1. Do you mean the DREAMCATCHER blog-zine, Caren? It's done on 'blogger' which is free and quit easy for anyone to use. Google it and have a try! xxx

    2. well..I already tried my own blog Cathy! it's AWESOME I'll send you the link if it's complete already! what about the main Cathy Cassidy website? how did you built it?

  5. Caren's sketch is gorgeous,to begin without colours



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