Sunday 16 March 2014


Hello Sorcha! Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am 16 years old and I love Cathy Cassidy books - my favourite is Summer's Dream as I'm a perfectionist like Summer, and sometimes I get carried away...

We've been told you recently entered a cool design competition...

That's right! Junk Kouture is an Irish  fashion design competition that lets you create catwalk designs from recycled materials. You can go as crazy as you want! I've always loved art and design, so this comp was right up my street! It's an Irish competition with regional heats; there were 2000 entries this year and 320 go through to the regionals, 60 for each region. I am through to the Northern  regionals which take place in Derry soon! Twenty entries will then be picked to go to the grand final in Dublin.

Wow! Good luck, Sorcha! Did you enjoy making your dress?

Definitely! It was really fun to do as it's mainly made from Quality Street wrappers - me and my friends and family had fun eating them all! I loved coming up with the design and making the accessories, and  doing the choreography was cool too. My runway song is Little Mix's song Wings, because my dress is called Freedom Butterfly.

Would you like a career in fashion design?

I love fashion design, because it's a great way to express yourself and let your creativity shine. I'd actually like a career as a dietician, though, so this will probably just be a hobby for me!

Do you have any ideas on how we can raise awareness for green issues and recycling?

A lot more could be done in schools and public places to help the environment... we need more recycling bins! Junk Kouture was a great way to make recycling fun, but there are lots of things you can do at home too... decorate old shoe boxes for storage or glam up an old jacket instead of throwing it out... get creative! If you do art at school you can recycle things as part of your projects - original and fit will cost you nothing!

Do you fancy a career as a fashion designer? Or a catwalk model? Check out the book Strike A Pose Daizy Star by Cathy Cassidy... Daizy has to design a dress from junk, too, and it doesn't go too smoothly! You can find out more about the book here....

Let us know if YOU have designed and made a dress, or if you have any cool recycling or green projects at YOUR school... COMMENT BELOW to share your views, or email us here!


  1. My sister got to the regional heats in Junk Kouture last year. Her dress was made from newspapers and coke cans. It was really cool and it was fun helping her make it!!!!

  2. That looks cool, I wish I could make that Blondie

  3. Nope never.... It would be fun though

  4. We had to create an outfit from bin bags and recycled materials twice in primary! It was a long time ago now, but I remember loving making my outfit, and hating walking down the catwalk in it! Nobody's outfits were as good Sorcha's though!! Hers is amazing!!

  5. We had a fashion show at my old Primary school one year and everyone had to make their own recycled Outfits, it was fun but quite challenging.

  6. Fashion Designer in future,my ambition...

  7. Just love it!!!!!!

  8. My friend's school did something like that a few years ago. He had to wear a bin bag dress and he showed me a picture (I laughed... a lot) but he gets embarrassed about it now. I think it's cool making clothes or anything out of whatever you want. If it helps the environment and is fun, it's right up my street!

  9. Yeh recently we did an eco day year 6 had to make a mini garden!



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