Sunday 23 March 2014


Blogger Sophie Louise has such strong feelings about bullying, she launched a campaign of her own to raise awareness and try to stop it...

Sophie Louise... first of all, tell us about how you came to start your own blog...

I was twelve when I started my book blog, A Day Dreamer's World, and I'm fourteen now. I remember wanting somewhere to write and share my opinions, so a blog made sense. It wasn't going to be a book blog to start with, but I'd just read a Michael Morpurgo book so I thought I'd review it. I love reading - and writing, when I'm not busy blogging! I suppose my ambitions are to write as a career, but also to travel to places like Paris, New York and Africa. And I want to make a difference - change things for the better.

You've started a blog campaign about bullying; why do you feel so strongly about this subject?

I don't think anybody should be made to feel like they're not important, or that they're not good enough.  I've never had much confidence, and over the years I've come to see how bullying tears confidence down for people, every day. Young people are growing up and struggling through exams and whether they're being called names, facing violence or having their property stolen, that should never happen. Nobody deserves that. Nobody should be told repeatedly that they are fat, dumb or ugly.

What does your campaign involve and how do you hope it will change things?

The blog campaign began as a week in November last year, inspired by National Anti-Bullying week. There was such a good response I decided to continue by doing blog-events throughout 2014 with the help of my favourite authors. I've called it the 'Turn The Page' project as it's all about starting a new chapter, without bullying. It will involve videos with authors and fellow book bloggers sharing their experiences, posts about book characters who have gone through bullying and discussions on how it makes people feel.
Even if it's just one person, I hope somebody reads it and tells someone what's been happening, gets help. I hope it will allow people to share their experiences, as that can change things for a lot of people. Being bullied is nothing to be ashamed of, but it's such a huge stigma at the moment.

Can books help in any way?

Definitely! When you see one of your favourite book characters beating the bullies you feel like you can do it too. Books are a perfect escape, but you can be inspired by the characters in the book, too. Books I'd recommend include 'Finding Cherokee Brown' by Siobhan Curham, 'Geek Girl' by Holly Smales and 'The Elites' by Natasha Ngan.

What advice would you give to readers who are being bullied?

Speak out. I know you're probably sick of hearing people telling you to go and tell someone - it;s hard - but if you feel uncomfortable, write it down. Writing is a great way to make your feelings clear. Remember you are much more than the bullies say you are.

Any advice for readers who'd like to stamp out bullying in their own schools?

Go and speak to someone you think may be able to help you set up a project in your own school - your teacher, form tutor, school counsellor, year head... someone you feel will care and want to help. Tell them what you want to do and come up with ideas to make it happen! Take a look at some of the links and videos on my blog - I hope they will inspire you.

You can check out Sophie Louise's blog campaign here...


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  2. That sounds amazing Caitlin... I hope more schools look into this. xxx

  3. It is great to see someone who feels so strongly against bullying! I have been a victim myself and I know sometimes it is hard to believe that things will get better. People like Sophie really help make the world a better place. It is such drops that make the ocean of change. Kudos to you Sophie!

  4. I was looking through old posts on here that I'd missed and then I found this one... Wow! It is so inspirational, how one girl launched a campaign all by herself and shows anyone can inspire others. I have definitely been inspired and will be checking out Sophie Louise's blog!
    Also like Caitlin our school has the SHARP system :) x

  5. This really inspires me to help stop bullying cause I see it so much in my school. People even bully me sometimes but I refuse to let it get to me cause what they think of me isn't ever going to change my life. They can say whatever they wish but I have faith in who I am and that's all I need to be myself! People like Sophie Louise make me want to reach out to the people I see being bullied and give them the self esteem I've learned to build. Together we can build a world where we are immune to bullies!



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