Saturday 29 March 2014


Mums and daughters are very cool... we learn from each other, support each other, stick by each other through thick and thin. We talked to some cool mum and daughter teams to see what makes them tick...

Cat (mum) says:
My girls are so very different from each other! I never had a sister but I hope they cherish the relationship that they have. I think the most difficult thing they have to contend with is sharing their room - it's never really tidy. The worst of times have been when I have had to draw the line and punish them by taking toys off them, or confiscating an i-pod/laptop for a while. I always explain why, so hopefully they understand my reasons when something like this happens.
Debi (daughter) says:
My mum has the best smile! She is always there for you, she's kind, funny, helpful, caring, stylish and she can always make YOU smile, even when you are worried. She has this stare that she does when she knows I'm up to something, and sometimes she'll embarrass me when I'm trying to be cool. And she makes me do stuff when I don't want to... but overall, my mum is the best in the whole world, universe, infinity and beyond...
Louise (daughter) says:
If I need support with school/ friendship problems my mum will help me in any way she can, and we have a lot of interests in common too. When I argue with my sister, Mum can see both sides and teaches us to learn from our mistakes. On the downsides, she does like to embarrass me when my friends are around and she can take things a bit too seriously for my liking. She tends to take an adults point of view on whatever happens, but of course adults do get things wrong at times, too. Overall, Mum is lovely and caring and believes I can do anything as long as I believe in myself. She'll be with me through thick and thin, and even when I'm mad at her, I love her - and I always will.

Jayne (mum) says:
Isobel... or should I say Izzy... is ten years old and loves animals, trampolining and books (well, I work in a library so she would, wouldn't she?) She also loves Japanese anime films, great music like Ash (nothing to do with me, honest!), chocolate and the Chocolate Box Girls, cucumber and pate (yuck!). Izzy has great friends and IS a great friend. At Christmas she said, 'giving presents is better than receiving them.' I am very privileged to call her my daughter, and because of all of the above I am really looking forward to Mother's Day because I know that Izzy will try and make it the best day ever for me!
Izzy (daughter) says:
There are so many reasons why my mum is one in a million I just can't list them all! The main one is that she's so loving and caring to the whole family - especially me!She always buys me great gifts for all occasions and takes us out on fun trips so we never get bored. She lets me invite my friends round and lets me go to the park with them. She's fun to be around and helps me when doing school projects or charity sales. Finally, she makes AMAZING cakes and brownies!

Gillian (mum) says:
I don't know where to start! Lauren is great company... I enjoy being around her for her great sense of humour and intelligence. I just love hanging out with lauren - it's like having a good friend rather than a daughter.
Lauren (daughter) says:
Just like Mum, I don't know quite how to say everything I'd like to and sum up Mum's fantastic-ness in just one paragraph! Mum is more than someone to pick me up when I'm down, she is more than warm hugs that feel like home, and she is more than great cooking that no one could ever beat. She is my best friend; patient, kind and caring. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Denise (mum) says:
Charlotte is a very strong character and we do have moments when we fight - she knows what she wants and knows her own mind. She has grown into a lovely teenager who is reliable and helpful (when the moment suits!) and always has a smile and a funny conversation to share. Not only is she the greatest daughter but also a very good friend!
Charlotte (daughter) says:
I love my mum, even though we do have our ups and downs. Most of them are because I don't do the jobs around the house that she wants me to - mostly because I forget! Mum doesn't forget, unluckily for me! We never fall out for long, though. I help Mum tidy the house, and she helps me with things like homework and tidying my room, so we both help each others with the stuff we need a hand with!

Sharon (mum) says:
My daughter... my inspiration... my best friend. A mother couldn't be any more proud of her daughter than I am of Laura. She is the light in my life and the love in my heart.
Laura (daughter) says:
I love my mum - she's the best! She's always been there for me. Back in 2012 I decided to tell my mum something quite difficult, something I'd kept secret for many years. I was scared she'd resent me but she didn't, she just gave me a hug and told me I wasn't alone. She's my best friend and I love her so much. We laugh, we cry and she supports me through everything - I can't explain how much she has done for me. I love you, Mum!

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  1. Mum's are amazing! You literally can never live without them. I mean LITERALLY!

  2. Mums are the best! I agree with you Deborah! I couldn't live without my Mum. :)



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