Saturday 27 December 2014


I asked readers to tell me their feelings about confidence and make up… and the responses make very thought-provoking reading...

Rebecca says:
In your life, almost everyone will have something to say about you. We're trained to think certain things are right, from being a toddler upwards, with stick thin Barbie dolls with no imperfections at all, not so much as a freckle. By the time you hit your teens you are comparing yourself to models and film stars (who probably mostly eat lettuce) as well as your friends. Everything will seem worse when you are a teen going through puberty and battling spots and mood swings, but like most things, it WILL get better. If make up was a religion, most girls would follow it - it can make you feel more confident, but trust me you do NOT need it. You are perfect in every way - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Tamanna says:
I think we should all have our own options and choices… to wear make up or not. It's my face, after all… I should be able to express myself and look the way I want to look. Being true to our own choices makes us look and feel confident and comfortable in our own style. Make up is not always my thing - I just wanna look natural. It makes me 'me'!

Lauren says:
The truth is, no one is ever good enough for society any more - we are all expected to be perfect, but that is impossible. Perfection is just an illusion… everyone is beautiful in their own way. Girls feel the need to wear make up to appear more beautiful… and I admit, I am one of those girls. But nevertheless, I still believe it's not right. Make up is meant to highlight your perfections, not cover up your imperfections.

Saffie says:
Confidence is a train. For some it goes smoothly, but for the majority of us it has a few bumps along the way. And it's not fair, most of us are self-conscious for their faces, their hair, their dress size, especially as a teenager. For me, i feel like I am OK. I don't care what anyone thinks of me. If I like it, why can't anyone else? If you don't like it, what can you expect from others? I feel like wearing make up is just trying to make yourself happy rather than everyone else, but wearing too much? Maybe that's like trying a little too hard to fit in. No one deserves to have their confidence train crash and burn.

Lindsey says:
When you are a child, it is easy to be yourself… you don't know any different. But as you grow up, it changes. People begin to judge you. A teacher says you're too loud, too bossy. A classmate says you're too big, too clumsy. Your mum says you talk too much, look too messy. Your friends say you aren't fashionable enough. Boys say you're not good looking enough. Is it any wonder girls hide behind make up? I wear eyeliner and mascara every day, and foundation because I have spotty skin. And when I go out I spend ages copying looks I have seen in magazines. But sometimes I don't feel like I am making myself look better, more that I am wiping myself away completely. I wish I could go back to the innocence of being a child again, but that's just not possible.

Pic posed by model Alex: thank you!

Cathy says:
So much truth here, but it's not easy to read… being a teenage girl is not easy. How can we find the confidence to be ourselves? COMMENT BELOW to let me know what YOU think on this issue...


  1. Actually I disagree. I don't think that whether you wear makeup or not necessarily means you're being yourself or hiding away. It's like expressing yourself through your clothes. I wear pretty "normal" and "trendy" clothes, but in reality I can be a total nerd on one day and a punk-rock girl the next. I like to make people get to know me before they judge me: if I wore star trek t-shirts and bowties all the time people would judge me even more. Before you judge me, get to know me.

  2. Hi Guys,
    I'm 13 and wear no makeup except sometimes clear mascara or nail polish. I don't want to change myself, I don't want to look like Barbie or Taylor Swift. I know I've got quite a lot of spots, but who cares??? Hey, girls should only wear makeup if they want to, not if they fell they have to. You don't have to roll up your skirt so high people see your knickers, just BE YOU! The opinion of other people about you is just a pile of trash to you.

    1. Your right. On a rare occasion do I wear make up. I only wore it for an 80 musical.

  3. Omg!!! You used my peice! Thank you so much!!! Rebecca

  4. I agree with many of the points made here. I personally wear no make up because it's not my kind of thing, I find it difficult to apply and cope with (mascara runs unless it's waterproof, lipstick goes everywhere) and it is time-consuming. However, I spend ages on my hair, so I can see why most girls wear make up. I think it's a person's choice on whether they wear it or not, but I feel if it makes you more confident, go for it, but if you use it to cover up your true self then there is something that needs to be changed

  5. I watch makeup tutorials and vids and I sometimes wear it. But it worries me that sometimes girls my age think they r ugly without makeup. I love wearing makeup but it's I do it for fun and special occasions. It's totally fine to wear makeup but remember we r also beautiful just the way we r, with and without makeup! Hamdi:)xxx

  6. I personally don't see the point in makeup,,
    it's not my style but it can look nice depending on the amount u put on x



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