Wednesday 7 October 2015


Reader Abbie has a dilemma for Honey Tanberry to solve this week on DREAMCATCHER's regular problem page. Will YOU agree with Honey's advice? Take a look and see…

Abbie says:
This is the year I choose my options for GCSE and I know that I want to take art, French and textiles… plus whatever else my teachers feel I will do well in. Obviously, English, maths and science are compulsory anyway. We were discussing this at the weekend and out of nowhere my dad announced that I can't take art because it will lead me nowhere, and that textiles isn't even a 'real' subject. I honestly thought he was joking because he knows how much I love art. My dream career is to be a fashion designer, or a fashion illustrator. Dad seems to think I should take economics and business studies and then do a law degree. I can't think of anything worse - this is his dream, not mine. I would be hopeless at those subjects and I have zero interest in being a lawyer. Mum won't stand up for me, though I think she is sympathetic. I can't see the point of school at all if I am going to be made to study subjects I loathe.

Honey says:
I think your dad needs a little bit of education! Who do you think designs the world we live in? The clothes, furniture, houses, textiles, appliances, cars, posters, books, films, computer games… even our toothbrushes and household cleaners are designed by people with an art background, and they get paid for it, too! Not everyone understands that creative subjects are a huge part of what makes Britain great, but your art teacher will know and can help your parents to see the possibilities. Art is a hugely flexible subject which can lead to all kinds of future careers. Talk to your teacher and make sure your dad knows how strongly you feel about this. The days of parents forcing us to study certain subjects or follow their choice of career are long gone. This is your life, and you only get one shot at it - speak up for what you want and what you love, before it's too late.

Cathy says:
I did an art degree and have also been an art teacher, and I know that it can be a subject many underestimate. I agree with Honey… Abbie should enlist the support of her teachers and get this sorted out. What do YOU think? Is Honey's advice spot on, or would you add more suggestions? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. As long as she isn't ruling out any other major subjects, I think she should do art, Law is not an easy choice nor is it a choice unless you want to do it as the work involved it hard and you need to be dedicated to even finish. Sounds like Abbie's dad would like to be a lawyer, but children have to live their own lives, and not the parents missed opportunities.

    1. I would like to say that while you are, in general, correct, law at GCSE is a piece of cake. Seriously, find me a 5 year old who cares and I think I could teach them the syllabus. Textiles might be better left until A Levels as it seems to then become Product Design and Textiles, which a) looks better and b) will probably be a more efficient use of the 2 years. I'd perhaps encourage her to take English Literature at GCSE and probably at A Levels too because it's a solid subject that will keep all sorts of doors open for her.

  2. Do what you want to do Abbie

  3. No-one else can dictate what you want to do. Follow your dreams!

  4. I think Abbie should be herself and explain how much she enjoys this subject. I've only just started comprehensive school and Art is one of my favourite subjects too!

  5. Hey Cathy! I just wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the Liebster award. Check out my blog for more details.

  6. I know how it feels. My dad wants me to work on engineering but I would rather follow my dream and learn to run a hotel instead



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