Thursday, 8 October 2015


Skye Tanberry has been looking at that crystal ball again… will her predictions for OCTOBER ring true for YOU? Read on and see!

You sometimes worry about which choice to make, but this month is different… things are looking good for you. A perfect time to achieve the things you've always dreamed of!

Plan carefully this month… the more you prepare, the better things will go. A project at school is looking good, but go easy - jump in without thinking of others and you may find yourself making a BIG mistake.

Romance is in the air, but there may be setbacks ahead. Don't despair… the path of true love never runs smoothly, and if you're determined things should still work out. Eventually!

There may be a problem in your life that's been bugging you… but now is the time to face it and take action. Friends, family or even a trusted teacher can help you to get things sorted, so don't suffer in silence!

You are a real dreamer, but this month is all about facts and figures. Hard work is needed now to allow your creativity to bloom later… trust me, it will be worth it!

You're always friendly, open and trusting, but sometimes others take advantage of this. Don't be deceived by a friend who isn't all she seems… she may be motivated by jealousy, and that is something you don't need in your life.

Team work is the way forward right now… listen to other people's views and ideas and learn to compromise. This is the way forward, and it'll make you popular, too!

A friend may be struggling just now, and perhaps behaving oddly. Try to be there for her and give her space to talk… but if she needs adult help, don't be afraid to ask a trusted teacher for help.

Snuggling in with a hot chocolate and a good book is all you want to do this month. Why not jazz up your bedroom to make it extra cosy ready for winter? Family matters may get a little wobbly, but resist the temptation to wade in - things will sort themselves out eventually.

Plans may come unstuck this month, but that's OK… it's a sign that you may need to take a different track. Trying something different may open up a whole lot of new opportunities!

An unexpected discovery will change your views on someone close to you. Don't be too quick to judge - get all sides of the story before you decide how to react.

Things have been a little rocky lately, but don't panic - you're heading for calmer waters now. Time to relax and enjoy life a little… there is plenty of fun to be had for you this month!

Cathy says:
Does your horoscope sound accurate… or is it way off? COMMENT BELOW to share your feedback and let us know whether Skye is on the right tracks!


  1. Well... I'M Gemini, and I feel as if the friend is me. I feel so emotional and upset and I have no one to talk to.

  2. mine is quite right (scorpio) because my birthday is this month!

  3. Mine is accurate!

  4. I'm a Capricorn, and it's pretty accurate in certain ways; but so is Cancer's fortune.. :D

  5. Libra πŸ˜πŸ’œ ("balance ♎" in English) 😍

  6. I'm a Capricorn as well, but I'm not sure whether I like anyone I know. (Or if anyone likes me!) I feel ready for a small crush at the very least, but... *sighs*

  7. Im Sagittarius and I don't see how I could ever flunk my homework project. Anyway this gives me an incentive to write in my blog



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