Monday, 5 October 2015


Want to break out of those old routines and do something new/ silly/ fun? We have all the ideas you'll ever need!

1. Invent and bake the coolest cake ever made… and share it with your best friends!
2. Re-design your bedroom… on a shoestring… then start making it look awesome!
3. Go to visit an elderly relative and ask them to tell you about their childhood… write it down so you don't forget!
4. Make a film of a typical day in your family!
5. Write the first chapter of a book… who knows, it could be a bestseller one day!
6. Volunteer at your local animal rescue…
7. Dig out the family photos from years gone by… and put them into an album!
8. Research and draw up your family tree!
9. Hold a clothes swap with friends to revamp your wardrobe!
10. Teach yourself to knit!
11. Get together with friends and work out a dance routine to your favourite pop track!
12. Take a long walk in the countryside with your camera… then come home and write a cool blog about what you've discovered!
13. Paint your nails and add glitter sprinkles…
14. Wear odd socks for the whole day…
15. Pack up a bag of tinned and packeted food to hand in to the foodbank… most good supermarkets have a collection point.
16. Hold an afternoon tea to raise funds for your fave charity!
17. Swap books with a friend and read something you'd never have tried otherwise!
18. Pick a bunch of flowers for your mum!
19. Take your dog for a walk through the park… or better still, a run! You'll both get healthy!
20. Catch a falling leaf - and make a wish!

Cathy says:
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