Thursday 8 October 2015


Reader Jessica explains how breaking a leg caused a whole lot of problems for her this summer…

Jessica says:
Breaking my leg was a real pain! I was on a school climbing frame and slipped in between two pieces of wood… my leg got caught and fell forward and basically bent the wrong way. I heard  a massive snap and I knew I was in trouble… it was broken, and badly. I broke my leg three weeks before the summer holidays and so I missed lost of things at school… I was supposed to have the lead role in our school play, Matilda the musical, but that didn't happen. Once school broke up, it got even worse… my family couldn't go on holiday because of me… it would have been too awkward. I couldn't do any activities either, so we all ended up staying at home a lot of the time. I felt quite bad that my family were missing out on a proper holiday because of me, but they didn't blame me at all. I guess these things happen.

I was due to get the cast off halfway through the holidays. I went along, thinking this was what would happen, but I was given an x-ray as the leg was still very tender and painful. Surprise surprise, they put me back in a cast and sent me off for another three weeks! This time when I went back, the x-ray was looking good and the cast came off - but I was given a leg brace to wear to support the leg. Arghhh! I still have that on now, and at least I am walking again… the brace comes off on Monday and I'll be back to normal then. Whatever normal is!

The moral of this story is… don't break your leg in the school holidays!

Cathy says:
Oh noooo! I used to imagine that breaking a bone would be quite exciting and cool, but I've changed my mind now! Have YOU ever broken a bone? COMMENT BELOW and tell is more! 


  1. Wow, poor Jessica! I've never broken a bone before but I can imagine breaking your leg just before the holidays would just be the worst thing ever! In the winter it would be good as you could stay off school and wouldn't have to go outdoors for PE, but summer would be awful!

  2. I've broken both my legs and the same arm twice. Broke my left leg in two place falling of a horse. My left arm falling off a climbing frame. My right leg falling of the SAME climbing frame and my left arm again after landing after falling while rollar skating. I hope I don't break any more bones *sigh*

    1. Heh. I remember when you fell roller skating. I think I laughed at you! But to be fair, it was pretty funny... ;)

  3. Poor you, Jessica! I've broken my arm before, and my finger. I tore a ligament in my toe too, once. x

  4. I hate having a broken bone. I broke my ankle in two places and wore a full cast for 8 weeks. I broke it at the time of school, and going was a nightmare. Everyone was asking questions. Not just inside school but outside as well. I almost ended up wanting to say I had fallen of the trampoline. I actually have a way more complex story... its too hard write down. I have also broken my arm.



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