Thursday, 15 October 2015


Readers share their feelings about being shorter than average… is it cool or deeply annoying? Everyone has a different view…

Violet says:
I am 5' and let's just say this has pros and cons. Cons: Being mistaken for a twelve year old more frequently than any adult should; having to bounce up and down like a lunatic in a vain attempt to reach the top shelf in stores; people standing on me because they don't see me. Pros: Can wear clothes bought for me four years ago because I haven't grown taller, which saves money; can wear platform boots and a mohawk without towering above everyone; not very far to fall if I trip. So it kind of evens out! It was embarrassing when we had to write down our heights in biology a while ago. I put a tally next to 5' 1"  (I'm really only 5') and another girl went to put her height on the sheet and screamed 'Oh my GOD! Who's only 5' 1"?' I had to own up to being tiny and misleading people into thinking I was average with the boots and the three inch mohawk...

Ruadhan says:
I am the smallest person in my year. It sucks being small because everyone always teases me and calls me teeny titch. But there are perks… I get the ball easily in netball and basketball. which are my favourite sports!

Ren says:
I'm 5' 4" on a good day but my mum's side of the family are all 6' plus, so most of the time I hate it. I would have been a bit taller and not have to climb up in order to reach the top shelf.

Holly says:
I'm 5' 3" and at times I love it, but it can be a pain and a nuisance. I hate being teased because I'm short, and hate still needing a stool to reach the top cupboard in our kitchen. I love that I'm never bothered by low-lying tree branches and can fit into small hide-and-seek places on rainy days. It's a part of who I am, and I wouldn't be the same if I wasn't as small as I am…

Fouzia says:
I am 4' 7" and I don't really mind being the shortest in my family… I just have problems reaching anything that's high up! People do comment but I don't care…. I just wish I was taller because it stops me being good in sport.

Saffron says:
I was with some ten year olds the other day and they were taller than me. I usually have to look up to talk to my friends, too! Being short does have it's plus points though - if I'm at a standing concert, I can muscle my way to the front without taller people noticing!

Emma says:
There are definitely two sides to it. I have a baby face as well as being short, so people often think I am younger than I am. Sometimes that's good, sometimes bad! Plus, the reaching for high up things is a nuisance… and trying to find clothes I like in such a small size!

Cathy says:
Brilliant… it's great to hear from readers who are happy in their own skin, but I can see there are ups and downs to being petite! Are you shorter than average? How do YOU feel about it? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I'm in year 10 and at the start of the year (every year) my friends compare me to the year 7s. Even now there are year 7s the same height and some taller than me

  2. This post made me think if this great video I watched a while ago... I'm an average height, but this made me crack up.

  3. I'm freaky tall - really. sometimes wish I was smaller. especially when I hit my head off the top of doors.

  4. I'm nineteen and 5'1" so around college I get people thinking I'm one of the sixteen year old first years! The thing I hate most is having to go and get a chair to reach the top shelf in the kitchen cupboard...usually the thing I need is right at the back of the shelf, where I can't reach it!
    I also have a real problem trying to find trousers that fit properly: most of e time I have to go and get them adjusted so I don't have to roll them up. :)
    I guess one the good things about being small is that good things come in small packages!



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