Thursday, 29 October 2015


More readers show you how they created a spook-tastic look for Halloween last year… and CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS has more tips too! Will YOU be inspired?

Reader Kym opted for a 'Wicked' witch look… super effective and guaranteed to lift your witchy costume up out of the ordinary! It's very simple to do… using a damp sponge, dab green face paint across the face, covering eyebrows but being careful as you go around the eyes. (Always test a patch of skin beforehand to check for allergies… we like Snazaroo paint, which is really good quality and widely available!) You can choose whether to outline eyes with black eyeliner or leave them 'natural' for an extra surreal look. Lips should be red and nails black… backcomb hair or try a witchy wig for extra drama!
Reader Jade chose a deceptively simple look, but one that is very effective and can be worn with everyday clothes or perhaps matched with a paint-splattered white dress and veil for the strangely popular 'dead bride' look. Face should be pale, so try a bade of white face paint if you're going for a very dramatic look, or stick with natural skin tone if you're wearing your own clothes. Smokey grey eyeshadow and liquid black eyeliner are the next step… take the eyeliner down from the lower eyelids to paint on spooky fake lashes or black tears! Lips should be pale pink or grey (use face paint) with black face paint to suggest cracks, and hair should be wild and backcombed or crimped!

My book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS is a good buy for Halloween as it has a chapter from Skye on how to create the perfect Halloween costume from scratch - a black cat costume, for example, a witch and a ghost-girl, all from materials you may have lying around the house. A chapter from Summer follows, using all of Summer's behind the scenes ballet knowledge to demonstrate some awesome face paint looks, including spider-web witch, ghost-eyes and a dramatic 'turned to stone' look. CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS has arty, stylish things to do for every season of the year… at just £6.99 it's packed with cool ideas to help you get creative!

Cathy says:
Best of luck if you're trick or treating and/or partying this weekend… remember to send me in your pics if you would like to appear on DREAMCATCHER next year to help inspire readers to get extra creative! Just send by email via the 'email Cathy' link over on - and do COMMENT BELOW to tell us what you're up to at Halloween!

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  1. I have never really properly celebrated Halloween, my family is more of a 'Halloween Strictly Special' excited than 'Trick Or Treating' but this year I'm having all my best friends and their families round to watch Strictly just to get super competitive about a current sweepstake taking place! We've been given the task of creating Halloween treats too which is going to be so much fun tomorrow! Xx



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