Thursday, 22 October 2015


Are you tall? Fed up of being asked 'What's the weather like up there?' 'Got your head in the clouds?' Tall girls share their stories!

Emma says:
I am very tall for my age. I am fourteen and 5'11'. My dad is 6' 2" and if I go on tiptoes, I'm his height. It doesn't bother me because me and one of my friends have always been roughly the same height, with one or other slightly taller… it's been a bit of a competition since reception. Right now, I'm taller, but I think she'll have another growth spurt before I do!

Elaine says:
I am twelve and 5' 9" and I don't really like it. I often get attention from older boys and men because they assume I am much older than I am, and I hate that. I also have problems being pulled up when I try to pay half-fare on the bus or train. People always remember you - blending in is not an option. Even my mum gets on at me to 'stand up straight' because apparently I slouch a bit. I deal with it by pretending to be confident and happy about it but to be honest I would give anything to be a few inches shorter. Who wants to stick out at age twelve? Not me.

Fliss says:
I am 5' 9" and I have been since Year Six I think. I was the tallest person in my primary school… including most of the teachers! It really affected my self esteem as I am a shy person and if you are tall, everyone notices you. Teachers expect you to be great at long jump, high jump and netball, running too… but I'm not. I feel like I'm a big let down. As for being head and shoulders taller than the boy you fancy… that is not good, trust me. I am sixteen now and one or two of the boys are starting to catch up, but I would gladly swap with someone small. I feel so awkward and clumsy.

Hannah says:
I did feel awkward about my height to begin with - for a while when I was eleven or twelve, anyway. I'm fifteen and I am fine with it now. All my family are tall and they helped me to feel OK with it. I am slim as well, and my friends say I could be a model, but I plan to be a vet. The only drawback I can see is that I can't wear high heels when I'm with my boyfriend as I'd end up two inches taller than him… but I don't think he'd mind! He accepts me for who I am. So maybe I'll get those heels out of the wardrobe after all!

Ima says:
I am pretty tall, the tallest of all my friends… which means of course I should always clean the board and write the date and do other things like that. Seriously, my height is not a problem, except that it makes me seem a little older than I am which I don't like at all.

Jade says:
I'm 5'11" and that's very tall… seeing as I am only eighteen and still have some growing time left! Growing up tall wasn't bad - I could see better at concerts and reach the things I needed, anyway! The downside was being the person everyone asked if they needed help getting things from up high… that could be family, friends, teachers, even strangers in shops! Also being asked to lift people up higher so they can see, or give them a piggy back. It didn't help having back pain either!

Cathy says:
I was tall too, and towered above everyone at my secondary school until 5th year when a new boy joined who was taller than me. Finally! I can identify with some of the posts about feeling shy and awkward, but these days I love my height and never see it as an issue. Do YOU like being tall? COMMENT BELOW to tell us why… or why not!

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  1. I'm an average height (5'5") but act pretty mature, so like some of the other girls, guys over two years older than me have asked me out! I'm thirteen and I'm pretty unconfident about dating and stuff, which can be a surprise to the boys! But, we're all amazing, whatever height we are, so yay for being short, yay for being tall, and yay for being in the middle! x



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