Wednesday 2 March 2016


It's problem page time on DREAMCATCHER again, and reader Becca has a friendship question for Honey Tanberry...

Becca says:
Last year I started high school with a group of girls I wasn't really friends with. In primary I had a close group of friends I always hung out with, and one of the girls was my best friend, but we drifted apart over the years. By the time I started high school, there was nobody from my primary going that I felt close to at all... I missed my old friends, and I am not the most confident person to begin with. Now I sit with a big group of girls. The more confident ones have made best friends already and formed smaller groups, but I don't really have anyone special. I'd love a best friend, but I don't know how. I remember how cool it was to have a best friend back in primary and I miss that. Also, I can't help thinking that if I can't even make girl friend, how will a guy ever like me? How can I make better friends? Do I need a best friend?

Honey says:
Like you, I had good friends in primary... but not so much after that. I always had plenty of friends, people to do things with, but it took me a while to suss that they weren't really good friends. I didn't make real friends until I met Tara and Bennie at school in Sydney, and I almost messed up with them because they weren't the kind of 'cool' kids I was used to hanging out with. So... you don't need a 'best' friend, but it's good to have close friends, yes. They don't happen by magic - give the kids you're at school with a chance. Suggest meeting up outside of school and gradually get to know them better - in time, you may grow closer to some of them. Join clubs, both in and out of school, and don't judge anyone as not being 'friend material'. Listen to other people, be open and interested in them... slowly, you will make connections. By the way, I've never had any problems getting to know boys... so why should you? They'll let you know if they like you, but take my advice and put friendship first, ahead of boys. That's a lesson I wish I'd learned a long time ago.

Cathy says:
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  1. i love every single one of your books.whenever i go to the libary the first author i look for is you.

  2. you are an insperation to me and i am only nine

  3. you know what i am kind of like honey. i dont know who to trust. i have a good side to me but a really bad one

  4. you and i have a lot in common except from i am not very good at art but reading and writing is my life. your like my role model. you know while i am writing this i am really not thinking i am just writing this down. i am about to start reading fortune cooke. do not i reapet do not tell me anything about it

  5. Isn't any one gonna give advice to Becca? Well, I say what Honey says. Make shore they know that your being left out and maybe tell them you would like to meet them some time. I did that with my friend. Oh yeah... and since were also on about Cathy Cassidy, I LOVE U CATHY!!!



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