Wednesday 16 March 2016


It's problem page time again and reader Inès wants to hold a charity cake sale... but she needs some advice and support from COCO TANBERRY!

Inès says:
Coco, you are my favourite Chocolate Box Girl - please help! I want to sell cakes for a charity, but I am not sure which one - perhaps the WWF, the Cleanwater Marine Aquarium or Lumos, JK Rowling's charity. The problem is, my parents say we must first take care of people and animals come second - but what will become of the animals if everyone thinks like that? That's why I want to hold a cake sale to raise awareness. I know that many teenagers do not care about animal extinction but as you say, Coco, 'They are much more likely to part with their cash if cake is involved!' I really want to change opinions in my school. Please help!

Coco says:
Brilliant stuff! Yes, people will tell you that people come first - I myself believe that animals and people are both really important and caring about animals does not mean you don't care about people. You find that people who are cruel to animals have very little respect for people either - the two things are linked. I don't mind whether you raise money for animals or for people, but I am glad you care enough to do SOMETHING - which is more than many people do! First of all, choose your charity - don't worry too much about which one, just choose one and stick with it. Make some posters and leaflets to explain to your classmates what you are doing and why, and then have fun making the cakes - get a few friends involved too, they'll love it! Good luck with what you are doing - I promise, just standing up for what you believe in is quite a powerful and inspiring thing. Go for it!

Cathy says:
I agree with Coco... Inès just needs a little confidence boost to carry through her fab idea. Have YOU ever raised money for a charity? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. If only I could :D but it's impossible....

  2. Come on! Nothing is impossible! Like Coco, she sets her mined on something. And you've heard it all before. Try your best and you will succeed! But it's actually true. Besides, bake sales are soooooooooooooooo much fun! All as long as you get some cakey!



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