Monday 21 March 2016


CC readers share a little library love...

Eva says:
Libraries are full of imagination, full of lives. The lives of those in the books and the lives of those reading, all who have entered the library over the years. For those without friends and family, the library offers comfort and escape... and all for free.

Rebecca says:
Libraries mean a lot... they're my personal escape. Walking down the aisle, running my finger across the spine of every book I walk past. Imagining the stories and theories, feeling how much heart and soul the authors have put in. Libraries are quiet and peaceful, and whenever I read there I find I can imagine myself in the story.

Hayley says:
It's the smell for me, all those books in one place, slightly musty and dusty. The school holidays are the best... you can read a book a day, travel to new times and places... and if the book doesn't 'fit' then you just take it back.

Liz says:
Libraries allow me to go back in time, discover new worlds, walk in other people's shoes... plus I discovered CC through my library, years ago, when Sundae Girl was recommended to me by a librarian!

Rhuadhan says:
For me, libraries are an escape... sure, you can sit in your room with a book, but nothing beats the paisley print carpets and book smell of a library! Books are the best thing in the world, a portal to any land, any time. Libraries are like heaven for me, I love them... and not just the books, some libraries are architectural wonders. However, a library could be a wooden shack and I'd still love it!

Caoilinn says:
Libraries are magic. They allow you to go wherever you want... back in time, forward in time. You can go wherever you want to... to magical kingdoms far away, or into fictional lives that are just like yours. They are hundreds of stories and adventures all in one room!

Kiramae says:
Libraries are a chance to escape the world around us!

Sanika says:
Libraries are bliss! The sound of flipping pages, chairs being discreetly pulled, the smell of pages... and new adventures in the world of a book!

Sarah jade says:
Libraries mean you can still get lost in other worlds even if you can't afford to buy books - the opportunities to escape are endless!

Ishika says:
Entering a library is like entering another world... one made up of stories of fairylands, dreams, mysteries, war and love. My sister always went to the library near our house and one day I went with her... I'm hooked now, and libraries invoke a lot of happiness in me.

Cathy says:
Loving the library shout-outs... awww! Do YOU love your library? COMMENT BELOW to tell me why!


  1. I love libraries too! They offer me a fabulous escape from the world around me! Take it from me, if you are having any minor school issues like bullying or homework pressure, just grab a book, get comfy and start reading! I guarantee you that after a minute or two you won't be able to get your nose out of your book. i agree with you guys, the musky, dusty kind of scent each and every library offers is a very special smell; a smell you only find when you are in the magical and enchanting land of literature. Don't let anybody judge you by the books you read, because if you really like Harry Potter, for example, and the other person doesn't, that is a very bad thing to judge someone about! What is your favourite book? Has your favourite book been turned into a movie? What CC books are you planning to read next? I definitely want to try and read ginger snaps!


  2. It is a real shame that people are closing down the libraries in Berkshire! Everybody, please sign the petition on the link to help keep the libraries!!!



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