Saturday 12 March 2016


Are you crazy about make-up or do you prefer the minimalist approach? Readers tell all about their relationship with make-up... and teen bloggers Laurel and Robyn give you a make up tutorial too!

Stephanie-Jade says:
I love my make up! I wear it whenever I go out as it makes me feel much happier - people say I don't need it but I feel it gives me my own uniqueness! As you can see from the picture, left, I like eyeliner, shadow and foundation - subtle but with flair!

Jess says:
I wear make up when I feel like it... I really value my skin ever since having severe acne which has now, thankfully, cleared up. I use Laura Mercier as it's the only brand that doesn't make my sensitive skin itchy or likely to break out. I love to go bare faced and feel the wind on my face and not have to worry about smudging my mascara or applying a new layer of lip colour, but I also find it therapeutic to do my make up in the mornings! I choose a natural look if I'm going out with friends and tend to go bolder if I have a big event or party.

Chloe says:
I haven't had too much interest in make up until recently due to having lots of skin allergies, but I now have found some hypo-allergenic brands that are safe for me to use... let the fun begin!

Esme says:
I wear clear mascara and lip balm on a daily basis, but I do like seeing extravagant make up looks and I enjoy looking at all the colours. I wouldn't want all of that on ME though, unless it was a very special event where it wouldn't look strange!

Ella says:
Liner and mascara every day, but when I'm tired I don't put anything on my face. In the picture to the right, I was made up for a birthday party...

Sophie says:
I wear make up every day at school, but not loads and loads - just a natural look, unless I'm in a really good mood and feel like adding some eyeliner! Out of school, I'll wear a normal coat of daily make up - primer, concealer, foundation blended in with a foundation brush, mascara, lip liner, Mac lip gloss, blusher, bronzer and finish off by making sure everything is blended. I do this most days unless I'm too tired - it gives me confidence!

Zaila says:
I love make up! People assume I'm insecure but actually I think I'm quite confident - I use make up because it's fun! I like trying new looks and use YouTube all the time for tutorials. UrbanDecay and Mac are my favourite brands.

Scottish sisters Laurel and Robyn have a fab tutorial on Robyn's YouTube channel, The Hat Hippie. It's friendly and fun, just like having a friend or sister pop round to help you get ready for a cool night out! They've kindly agreed to share it here... take a look, and give the YOUTUBE channel a follow!

Cathy says:
Fascinating views on make-up! I rarely wore much as a teen, but I kind of need it these days! I absolutely LOVE Robyn and Laurel's youtube tutorial... give it a watch! Do YOU love make up or can you live without it? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. i love make-up! i wear it all the time even thoung it can get me into a bit of trouble in school...

  2. I don't wear make up anymore because it makes me look girly (I was going for the Billie Joe Armstrong look...) but I used to wear it all the time. I couldn't even pop to the shops without a few coats of foundation and liberal amounts of black eyeliner, often smudged down my face because I liked the dramatic look. I started wearing make up when I was 12, about half way through S1 and I was well known for my panda eyes and blue lips at school. I had to use red lipliner as eyeliner because you can't buy red eyeliner (I suppose looking like you've got conjunctivitis is never fashionable) and I used blue or black eyeliner as a lipliner so my lipstick wouldn't bleed. So I was very much into make up in school but at college, I stopped wearing make up because I started falling asleep at my desk and crying in the bathroom so there was no point in putting make up on. I actually look alright without it so I don't wear make up nowadays. I've worn make up once in the past year when a friend let me use her eyeliner to see if I suited make up. I didn't.

  3. I wore make up once and I think it lasted for about 5 minutes. I don't get how it works. Even if I just walk for a few minutes it will disappear. I've never really liked it anyway. The only reason I wore it was because everyone else in my year was. I don't care anymore :)

  4. I'm 11 and I'll probably wear just bit when I'm older

  5. I'm 12 and every day I wear foundation, mascara and sometimes eyeliner. I love make up- I love the way it can transform you, but you still stay you inside.



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