Tuesday 15 March 2016


Skye Tanberry has been consulting her crystal ball again... will her predictions for March ring true for YOU? Read on and see!

You've been living life at top speed for way, way too long... it's time to slow down and catch your breath. Calming things down a little doesn't mean missing out - just the opposite. You'll have time for fun, friends and family, and time to stop and smell the flowers!

March is a month to get your life in order - especially where money is concerned. If that piggy bank is empty, make some plans to raise cash or hunt down a part time job. You'll be glad you did, as the next few months promise to be very full-on!

A family member may be getting to you right now - take a deep breath and try to walk away from the conflict. Fighting is no way to solve the problem... try to see their point of view if you want to reach a compromise - you may end up being closer than you were before the rift.

While there are no big dramas in the stars for March, you're more than happy with that... a quiet life suits you fine! School, home, friendship and fun are all ticking over nicely, and that is all you ask for. A perfect month for showing people how much you care!

You are entering a period of drama and change, and while this will be good in many ways, it may be stressful too as you struggle to keep up with everything. Find routines to keep life running smoothly underneath while things are up in the air - and take time out with friends to relax when you can!

Home and family are a slightly stressy area for you right now, but stay calm and face any challenges head on rather than brushing them under the carpet. You are stronger than you think, and you can cope with what is happening. Keep your cool and avoid blaming others for the drama!

You're in a sunny, spring-like mood this month... and just take a moment to notice how much easier life can be when you keep your temper and show a smiling face to the world! You are never short of charm, but keep your drama-queen streak under control and watch how people love your new mood!

Cash may be scarce this month, but the problem is only temporary so don't let it stop you from having fun. Make a list of things you can do with friends that won't cost the earth... and learn to find the fun in ordinary things. It's a lesson that can last a lifetime!

You've been struggling a little with challenges and problems, but you can beat the blues by focusing on work and hobbies and channeling your energies into this. It will not only distract you from the tricky stuff but may open up new doors of opportunity for the future!

You rarely share your worries and fears, but something may be on your mind just now that shouldn't stay secret. Talk to a parent, trusted teacher or a loyal friend and get your anxieties out in the open... this may help you to face and beat the worries, rather than just bottling it all up.

Friendships may prove a little slippery this month... but before you blame others, ask if you are being the best friend you can be. Don't judge or neglect your friends, and step right back from gossip - act the way you'd like others to act with YOU and you'll get through any sticky moments with ease.

Patience doesn't always come easily to you, but it's essential right now. Yes, things are moving in a positive direction, but perhaps not quite as fast as you would like! Take a deep breath and trust the universe to unfold just the way it needs to. You'll get there, I promise!

Cathy says:
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  1. It may be an idea to put the dates on for each star sign? It would be easier to find out what yours is if you don't know what it is, or your friends for that matter. Just an idea. Sophie :D

  2. Thanks Cathy, totally true!

  3. Mine is pretty accurate!



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