Tuesday 1 March 2016


Reader Katie has written the first of a fan new 'how to' series... tackling the skills you'll need to step into the limelight! What are you waiting for?

Katie says:
Do you fancy yourself as a Jennifer Lawrence, gracing the silver screen? Or a Taylor Swift, with a microphone in one hand and a guitar strapped to your back? Heck, maybe you're a Pam Ayres, a Maddie Ziegler or even all four! Here are some tips that will have you strutting down the red carpet in no time!

1. Find What You Enjoy
All performers know the stage is their calling. Even if you haven't felt it yet, listen to your inner diva when you sing along to a certain song, listen to the actor when you get asked to speak in front of the class. You could even be a ventriloquist or a circus acrobat, Somewhere, a performer lies within the special people who were brought onto this earth to entertain!

2. Find Out What You Are Capable Of
For example, I cannot dance or sing very well, but I can act and speak poetry. You can seek advice from your friends, parents, even teachers who specialise in your form of performing art. It's fun just to try new activities, so if you;re not 100% sure you've found your talent, try it as a hobby and see where it takes you! Just remember - the director knows best!

3. Look For What Your School Has To Offer
If you've been performing since you were tiny, like me, you may have cemented yourself in a school or organisation already. My Speech and Drama teacher has been teaching me for ten years! But when you get to high school, you need to think of option subjects, right? If you feel the warm glow of the spotlight, pick Drama or Music and support what can often be minority subjects. Remember, you are there to get good grades. just like in a Science or Maths class!

4. Practice, Practice, Practice!
Yes, it's sometimes icky, especially when there are much more relaxing things you could be doing, but when you nail your dance or song or script, you don't have to worry about it - everything comes naturally! That means a lot less work during rehearsal. You can focus on what you are ready to do - perform!

5. Start Writing Your Acceptance Speech
Now you are ready to be the Mockingjay, the pop star, the bard or the ballerina. Just go out on stage and have fun! Take a bow, pro performer!

Pictures: Katie's annotated script of the play Animal Farm, and a shot of her performing as one of the Miss Fezziwigs in an amateur theatre performance of A Christmas Carol. Awesome!

Cathy says:
I love this... it almost makes me want to step onto the stage too... almost, but not quite! Could YOU write a 'how to' feature for DREAMCATCHER? Why not COMMENT BELOW and tell me more!


  1. How about How To Make A Blog?

  2. Great tips! I really like dancing and acting, so this was very useful to me!

  3. how to be a good writer :

    1.write as much as you can

    2.don't give up

    3.find inspiration anywhere you can,even if it means daydreaming in class

  4. Aghhhh I LOVE the hunger games!!!! Yay!!!!



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