Monday 7 March 2016


Reader Jessica explains why her love of animals led her to volunteer with one of the UK's most outspoken animal welfare charities...

Jessica says:
The League Against Cruel Sports is an animal welfare charity that campaigns against cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of 'sport'. I discovered the organisation through one of their online petitions against the badger cull, and went to their website and looked through their achievements and ongoing campaigns against fox hunting, hare coursing and other blood sports. I knew that I wanted to get involved with their mission as much as I possibly could.

I got in touch with the League and became both a member and a volunteer. I started out by raising public awareness of the charity and the work they do, getting signatures for petitions and lobbying my local MP who sadly is a supporter of blood sports. We campaign against horrific traditions abroad - bull fighting, for example - as well as issues closer to home.

One of the League's greatest achievements was getting hunting banned in England and Wales when the Hunting Act of 2004 was passed. It had taken 80 years of tireless campaigning to bring that law into being, but alas our wildlife is not safe. The Conservative government have stated several times that they would like to repeal (reverse) the hunting ban. The threat of this happening is very real, and we will never stop fighting the minority of blood sports supporters who want to overturn the ban.

The League's work is only possible because of the tremendous support given to it by the public. If you would like to help defend and protect our animals, both at home and overseas, do check out and find out how YOU can help.

Cathy says:
I am not only a long-time supporter of the League Against Cruel Sports, but - thanks to Jessica - I am also now a 'celebrity supporter'. Do check their website out, but be warned, some of the issues discussed there can be upsetting, so it's perhaps best for older readers. I have a feeling Coco would be a big fan, though! Do YOU believe that fox-hunting and other blood sports should remain banned? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I'm against blood sports too! It's great that there's a whole charity fighting cruel sports - I'm going to look at their site now.

  2. I think what this charity does is great! Does anyone know where I could find out about volunteering opportunities from animal charities? I've been wanting to get involved in some sort of volunteering work for a while, but I live in Edinburgh, and I don't know of many animal charities based in Scotland...

  3. Yes totally!! Who would enjoy it anyway!!
    Totally against ALL blood sports!!

  4. Well said Jessica - I'm a big supporter of the League too. :)

  5. i hate blood sports. it just makes me really sick to see animals being killed for fun

  6. I hate poor animals being hurt for fun. I mean, talk about being a cruel. I hope one day those killers will know how mean it is to be... you know... mean. All though I could totally not be a vegetarian.

  7. butterflyrainbow22 March 2016 at 12:29

    People who kill animals for fun are sick



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