Sunday 27 March 2016


Readers share their favourite Easter traditions... what are YOURS?

Violet says:
We don't have Easter traditions really... Mum says she's bought me an Easter egg but won't tell me what it is. I'm excited because I usually buy my own, and it's nice to have a surprise! I have pet bunnies and I'll spend some time petting them. We don't really celebrate Easter in a religious way but I'm not about to turn down chocolate and fluffy bunnies!

Lisette says:
Our family are Catholic and the religious side of Easter is important to us. It all starts on Pancake Day, which was originally a feast day before a period of fasting; then it's Ash Wednesday and we get ashes smudged onto our foreheads at a special mass. Then it's lent, which commemorates the time Jesus spent forty days and nights fasting in the wilderness. I usually give up chocolate but this year I gave up Coke as well! It's not easy to start with but you get used to it. On Good Friday there's a service to remember how Jesus was put to death and then on Easter Sunday we start the day with mass to celebrate his rising from the dead. After that we go home to a late breakfast - scrambled eggs - and only then are we allowed to have our chocolate eggs! In the late afternoon, we go to my grandparents house for a big Easter dinner!

Beth says:
I know it's Easter when we make chocolate crispie cakes in Home Ec! They're something I have made lots in the past, really easy and fun!

Kym says:
We usually go along to a National Trust place to do an easter Egg hunt... they're always good! Then Easter dinner at the grandparents' house!

Katie says:
When I was really young, my primary school always did Easter crafts... and one year my mum painted eggs with us! The Easter bunny traditionally comes to our house and leaves chocolate by the door, but this year was different - I witnessed the buying of my Easter chocolate and it's a DC Comics egg which I am very excited about!

Ella says:
Nan hides clues around the house and me and my brother have to follow them to the next room and the next set of clues. They eventually lead to a hidden Easter egg or a basket of little chocolate eggs... there's usually two prizes, because otherwise I would never win!

Karen says:
We do everything you can think of and more! We're christians and it's a big celebration in our house...lots of church stuff, a tea party Sunday. an egg hunt and youth club amongst other things. It's as big as Christmas for us and so much fun!

Picture of yummy chocolate cupcake nests from reader Marie... many thanks!

Cathy says:
We have an Easter tree... blossom branches hung with little wooden eggs and chicks and rabbits... and tiny chocolate eggs are hidden around the house for all to find... and we paint eggs, too, and roll them, How about YOU? COMMENT BELOW to share your Easter traditions!

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  1. Oh those cupcakes look absolutely delicious! Sometimes, I would make those chocolate Easter Nests with a couple of my friends afterschool- it was so much fun.

    When I was younger, every Easter, I'd organize a Easter Egg Hunt for my stuffed animals, planning it out as though it was a real event,making the decorations, food and even music!Then I would take my stuffed animals around the house,pretending that it was an ACTUAL hunt! I must say I was one crazy kid when I was younger!





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