Saturday 5 March 2016


Readers tell us which CHOCOLATE BOX GIRL they most identify with, and why... 

Millie says:
I love the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS books because they include realistic problems you might come across in life. My favourite is COCO CARAMEL as I am very like Coco! Like her, I do bake sales all the time, at home and at school, mostly for the charities which support red pandas and turtles, as these are my favourite animals. I also raise money for cats and dogs homes, because it is an important cause. I am not even very fond of cats, but I do adore dogs, puppies especially!

Rachel says:
I'm seventeen and I have so loved the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series. The books are all special to me but the one I relate to most is SUMMER'S DREAM. Last year I was diagnosed with anorexia which seemed to be linked to the stress of GCSEs and some major confidence. The book is so personal to me now as I can really relate to Summer's feeling around her body and food. I am desperate for others not to feel the way I have felt. From a young age, I want to educate my children about mental health and try to keep their confidence and overall happiness as high as I possibly can. I think the book SUMMER'S DREAM could help young people to understand eating disorders and hopefully keep them away from having those problems themselves. Some days, being anorexic can feel like the loneliest and most isolating illness in the world... this book has made me feel less alone by reminding me that my family have my best interests at heart, and that there are other people out there who feel like me.

Sam says:
I'm fifteen, almost sixteen, and I love all of the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series... but my favourite is definitely Honey. I relate to her on such a personal level. Just like Honey, I recently got expelled from school for doing something stupid. I also had to move countries to go and live with my other parent and go to school there. This has been quite hard for me and I re-read SWEET HONEY when it happened and the similarities between us scare me. I like to party, I'm flirty, scandalous... we are both pretty self-destructive and lost. The fact that Honey got through everything considering the obstacles in her path gives me some sort of hope that things might improve soon. I'm happy that Honey found good friends like Tara, Ash and Bennie... I am yet to find good people like that, but I hope I do. Honey will always be my favourite from the series and she has helped me through a lot recently.

Cathy says:
These posts are amazing - and very emotional, too, in some cases. I'm awed that the sisters from the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series have made such an impression and helped so many people through difficult times. Which sister do YOU identify with most? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I think I'm most like Honey. But I don't do so many bad things, but my personality reflects Honey a bit. I look like Honey too, but with a fringe and aren't quite her age, but I am quite as brave and bold as Honey. Maybe I'm like Cherry too, because my head is full of dreams, love and wishes.

  2. I am most like Skye, I think - I have my own style (often inspired by vintage), I'm potentially interested in becoming an archaeologist (I love Ancient History a lot) and I'm a bit of a dreamer!

  3. I seem to be a very different and, um... unique person - but I like me that way. I think I might be a mix of Cherry ( I'm one BIG daydreamer- I could probably be placed in the Guinness World records for it!) and also maybe Skye (1. she has such a cool name 2. she has such a fashionista aspect and 2. she's just so pretty!!!!!!!) Ok, I might be Coco, because I take a big interest in animals (well, kinda) and love going to the PetsAtHome near me and admire the rabbits (so cute)! She is also an inspiration to me- what with the animal stuff and so. Like Summer,I think I might like to develop an interest in dance, since at the moment I'm not really at all interested. Gymnastics is more of my thing! Well, as for Honey, I can't really relate to her at the moment, apart from the fact that I need a bit more persuasion to join every group chat I can possibly find. COOL !!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am quite like Cherry, because I am a bit of a dreamer and like making up story's in my head, but I am also like Coco because I have a few older sisters (2, to be exact) and I am the youngest,which is really annoying sometimes and I'm crazy about animals!!!

  4. I think I'm kind of a mix between cherry and Coco because even though I'm a bit of a day dreamer, I'm also quite cheeky and I love animals!!!

  5. I think I identify the most with Summer. Like her, I'm a perfectionist and when I have a goal I will work as hard as possible- and more- to achieve it. I'm also quite a lot like Coco, because I love animals and would love to change the world!

  6. I love the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series as I can identify with all of them in a way!

    - I identify with SUMMER FROM SUMMER'S DREAM because I do ballet as well and I did pass my exam. Even though she didn't pass, I still did and I still worked hard to get great results. I too loved ballet ever since I was very little.

    - I have a lot in common with Skye because we both have huge imaginations and love digging deep into mysteries of our past.



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