Saturday 28 May 2016


Reader Anastazja came to Ireland from Poland a few years ago... find out how she settled in, and discover how the book ANGEL CAKE helped her!

Anastazja says:
I'm twelve years old and I live in Dublin, Ireland, but I was born in Poland and moved over here when I was just six. I could not speak English at all, but I still managed to get along OK! The move was very difficult, though, mainly because I had to live with my Nanny for a year in Poland while my parents came to Dublin. Then once they were settled properly I came over to join them, and that was much better! I got special help from the teachers to begin with and I did begin to feel more settled. I got along with everyone, but I made my first real friend, Emily, just a year ago at Scouts. That has helped so much!

The most difficult things now are things like keeping up with Dublin slang - stuff like 'Lmao' or 'I'm so hot' or the stuff that gets posted on Snapchat. I never really know how to use it and worry I will end up making a fool out of myself! I learned English from my dad, and also at school, and once I was able to read in English things have been much easier. Last year I discovered Cathy Cassidy books and I love them because they are just so teenage and so cool. I especially love GINGERSNAPS and ANGEL CAKE - well, ANGEL CAKE the most, because Anya's story is like my own story in a way! I read the book from start to finish with happiness and I collect the books now... I have quite a few!

Like Anya in ANGEL CAKE, it was hard in some ways to adjust to life in Ireland. Poland is a country that has a beautiful history and many traditions, and our own foods of course too! Dublin is different in so many ways - different history, traditions and foods. It is a busy city where there is always a lot happening - and for some reason it is always raining here! There are lots of differences really. Just like Anya though I do feel settled now and I have real friends. I am glad that I read ANGEL CAKE because it opened up the world of CC books to me, and they teach me so much about friendship and fitting in and emotions too. The books are inspiring to me. Am I a real life Anya? I don't know... maybe! You can decide...

Cathy says:
I LOVED hearing all about Anastazja's story of settling in Ireland... how cool? Have YOU ever had to settle in a different country or learn a new language? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. You don't make a fool out of yourself.your perfect and we know you are your a nice and a perfect friend



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