Saturday 7 May 2016


Cathy's older books have had several different cover designs over the last eleven years... book blogger Kym shares her opinions on the covers of her favourite CC book DIZZY... she has all the versions!

Kym says:
The first cover of DIZZY has always been and always will be my favourite, for two reasons. Firstly, the book - in this, the original UK cover - caught me at an age when all I wanted to do was grow up and live in a VW camper. So the campervan on the cover was just perfect! Secondly, I just happen to think that it's the cover that looks the most creative.

I'll be honest here, I didn't go much on the second version of the cover, the one with the photograph on the front. The rainbow was a nice touch but the only reason I have a copy of this one is because I like to collect lots of different editions of my favourite books.

The American version of DIZZY is nice because it closely resembles the first British cover design... although to me, somehow, it looks like there's just 'something missing'. I really like the newest cover, though, especially the Doc Marten boot and the dreamcatcher images! I'm glad it has gone back to a more illustrative look. I am not sure what to make of the lime green background, but it's very pretty to look at!

Photo-collages by Kym, from her blog/ instagram

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Cathy says:
Love this... how awesome is Kym's collage? Which is YOUR favourite cover version of DIZZY? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Nice collection. :)
    I've always loved all of the books with the photographs of the characters.

  2. I have the first version and I'd agree - it's my favourite too. It's creative and cool and it illustrates the craziness of travelling from festival to festival. Well, that's what I think!

    1. It does. I think it just resembles the book perfectly.

  3. My favourite cover is the first one, I have a copy of that and I enjoy looking at the cover because it has many lovely decorations. I also the love story inside... it is original and real.

  4. Awesome pictures and her blog looks cool too. my favourite cover is the first one too with the camper van but the one I read is the one with the photograph cover because thats the one my library has, it has all the books with photograph covers. The photographs are ok but I like to imagine the characters in my head instead of already getting an image of them. I love the style of the newest covers OH and LOVE the book too of course :)

  5. I really like the photograph ones as they show the character and help me create an image of them...

  6. I don't like the photograph ones they ruin the ideas in your head about the character



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