Tuesday 10 May 2016


Reader Phoebe has a unique and cool style of dressing... she tells us why following her own look is so important to her!

Phoebe says:
I choose the clothes I wear to show my personality and to express who I really am. I personally feel that life is too short to wear the exact same clothes as everybody else, or the same clothes day in and day out. Many people call me weird or strange because I don't follow mainstream fashion or try to mimic other people's outfits, but that's OK. I know that if I did, it would make me unhappy - whereas unique clothes and following my own style make me very happy!

Clothing is an excuse, I think, to show my inner creativity. I love writing and sometimes if I write a story, I'll include a character who I'd love to be like. They might have unique styles and ways, unique clothes and hair. In Cathy Cassidy's CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, I love the twins Skye and Summer and their style choices. Skye's vintage themed clothes and Summer's ballet themed outfits are just perfect! Characters like that inspire me to follow my own path when it comes to fashion. Moreover, in the future, if I could be known for anything, I'd love to be known as a person who shows her creativity through her fashion style!

Wearing wacky clothes makes me feel happy, and more importantly, they make me feel confident! Some people feel happier if they blend into the crowd, but I feel all wrong if I am trying to dress like everybody else. I need to wear my own style of clothes, even if others don't approve. I can be a very anxious person, and when I express myself with unique and creative styles I feel more comfortable and at ease.

I think that society encourages many girls of my age try to impress boys with what they wear, but I am probably the opposite. I dress to please myself. I feel I have plenty of time in my life to impress people - but right now, I want my clothes to express the way I feel. I want to be happy and comfortable in what I wear, even if I do get called strange names!

Cathy says:
I LOVE Phoebe's style and her attitude to fashion and style is brilliant. Individuality is cool... if we can't dress to please ourselves, then what's the point? Do YOU have a unique style? Do YOU dress to express the way you feel? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. The majority of my wardrobe consists of Black and more often than not they are dresses. Usually I wear about 8 necklaces and one arm covered in bracelets. Always styled up with a pair of Docs (I don't own any other type of shoe) & eyeliner. I'm not really sure what my style is, unless "chuck it all on and hope it works" is a style. Although I do really look up to Helena Bonham Carter.



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