Monday 9 May 2016


Reader Louisa road tests a craft project from my book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS! See what she has to say...

Louisa says: 
CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS is a great book, both for the crafty and the not so crafty! It's quite inexpensive for a craft book and it has recipes, fashion ideas and cool stuff to do as well as things to make. The thing I like the most is that there's a space for you to design your own things; you can get quite creative. I love that it links up to the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series... each sister takes a turn to say something about the different seasons of the year and also to demonstrate the different projects.

I've tried a few of the projects and the one I am the most proud of is the fashion project for shorts I made from the 'May' section of the book. Honey is the sister describing this particular project and she explains that the idea came from making shorts from cut-down jeans when she was in Australia in the book SWEET HONEY.

 There are a few variations on the shorts to try, including frayed shorts, lace-trimmed shorts and even bleach-dipped shorts. I decided to make the ones with colourful patch pockets. They're very easy to do and for those who don't like sewing you can even glue on the patches for a really easy but effective look! I will probably wear the shorts to camps in the summer, as well as festivals... or even school! They look great with leggings or tights and they'll be even better with bare legs in the sunshine!

Cathy says:
It's so cool get feedback on the craft projects from CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS... and Louisa's shorts look amazing! Are YOU into craft or fashion makes? Or have YOU tried one of the projects from the book? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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  1. Those shorts are awesome!!!! I have shorts envy. I made a Chocolate Box Girls themed necklace a couple of years ago out of Sculpy clay(see Summers Dream book photo) I like recycling things to make things. I have vintage button bracelet that took me ages to collect the buttons from charity shops. I've been making bows out of playing cards lately. A very very long time ago, I made a wallet out of old Capri Sun drink packets. - You can find how-to's on YouTube. Took me hours, a blister on my finger and a lot of broken needles. Tip is to use a sewing machine not hand stitch it.



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