Saturday 14 May 2016


Part of a new series of CC readers around the world... meet two girls who are reading Cathy's books in India and Algeria!

Sanika says:
I am fifteen years old and live in India, and I think that Cathy Cassidy books are the best in the world! They always trigger my imagination and inspire me to write myself. The books are simply a pleasure to read! The books are not easily available where I live - Lucknow, India - so I get the books at the annual book fair. I look forward to it every year just to buy CC books! I first came across them at the fair when I picked up a random CC book - it was SCARLETT! That book became the forever favourite of mine and that's how I first fell in love with CC books! I just love them. I plan to be an engineer but writing poetry will always be my favourite pastime. I hope the books keep on coming and keep on inspiring my imagination... I guess you could say I am a Cathy-Cassidy-o-holic!

Soumia says:
I am eighteen years old now and I live in Algeria. My first language is Arabic but I am pretty fluent in English and French also. The first CC book I read was ANGEL CAKE, which I found on my sister's Nintendo DS. The story was amazing and I could relate to some of the characters - I am sure so many other teenagers could also. I have read many of the books since then and my love of books has led me to write myself - in fact, writing is the career I would love more than anything else. CC books are the kind of stories that make me travel with my mind and live every single event as if it were real. The books are gorgeous!

Cathy says:
I love to hear about readers in other countries... so cool! Are YOU an overseas reader? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. I'm a reader from New Zealand and have been reading the books for 10 years now!! xxx



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