Tuesday 17 May 2016


It's problem page time again on DREAMCATCHER... can Summer Tanberry offer some advice to reader Frances?

Frances says:
A few days ago I overheard my dad talking on his mobile to someone. He took the call outside and he he didn't know I was there, but I was doing some homework under the trees. I think he was talking to a woman because he was quite flirty and I am pretty sure he said at one point that he couldn't wait to see the person again, he hadn't been able to stop thinking about them. Something like that, anyway. I couldn't hear all that well. After that he moved out of earshot and then ended the call and went in. Mum and Dad seem the same as usual, but I can't stop going over what I heard. I am worried Dad is seeing someone else and that he might leave us, and if that happened I don't think my mum would cope, and I don't think I would ever forgive him.

Summer says:
First of all, although what you heard may have sounded bad, you don't know for sure what that call was about. If you want to know, try telling your dad you overheard the conversation and have been worrying ever since - if there's an innocent explanation he can tell you, and if not, then at least you'll know. I remember very well the time my dad (not Paddy - my real dad) was having an affair, so I know how stressed and worried you must be. What I would tell you is that even though it was horrible, we got through it and things worked out better than we could ever have imagined in the end. Even the things we dread are rarely as bad as we fear they may be. I'd also say that in this instance you may be giving way, way too much credence to a half-heard conversation... and that another way to handle the situation would be to forget what you think you heard and try to let go of the fears. Don't go looking for trouble... if something is going on, you will know soon enough.

Cathy says:
Summer's advice is good, but this is a very tricky situation. What would YOU do? COMMENT BELOW to have your say...


  1. From experience with my own parents, forget you heard anything. If there is anything going on the truth will come out eventually. You can't be 100% as you only heard half the conversation. xxx

  2. I have actually been in a situation like this when i was younger and it all worked out in the end eventually.
    I would tell the girl probably try to forget about it and ignore it I would not want to cause problems by mentioning it, if it is not true that would cause actually real problems between the parents. If you then keep on hearing suspicious things, you could maybe mention then because you would be more sure then. I think adult should really sort out their own problems without making us,the children worry.



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