Wednesday 4 May 2016


Reader Jessica has a chocolate-themed problem for Skye Tanberry to solve... can you help by pitching in your ideas too?

Jessica says:
It's my birthday soon and my parents asked if I wanted a party this year. Of course, I said yes! I've been reading the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series and I like the idea of a chocolate festival themed party because the sisters seem to have so much fun with it! I have started to plan but I'm not sure how to get a chocolate fairy costume or what materials I could use to make one. Secondly, what kind of invites, games, party bags and music could I have? Do you have any suggestions?

Skye says:
Ooh, I wish I could help you plan and make things... it'd be so cool! You will find all the things you need to know in the books. CHERRY CRUSH explains how to make chocolate fairy costumes... you can make something very effective with a brown vest top and lots of brown netting gathered and stitched onto the hem of the vest top to form a skirt. You can even dye a pair of pink satin ballet shoes as we did, to match! FORTUNE COOKIE has lots of ideas for chocolate themed activities... and you can add more of your own! Why not make your own invites that look like a chocolate box and open up to reveal the details of the party? You can tie them up with a ribbon bow too! Games can include chocolate fortunes, blindfold chocolate tasting, a chocolate fondue or even a chocolate treasure hunt. Party bags could include truffles and a CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS book! For music, choose things you and your friends like... don't try to theme everything, just think about getting the party to go with a swing! Have fun!

Cathy says:
It sounds awesome already! Would YOU add any more cool and chocolatey suggestions? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. You could make your own chocolates by melting big bars and using chocolate molds then you could decorate them with chocolate writing icing. If you are any good with oven bake clay such as Fimo & Sculpy you could make some chocolate charms and attach them to necklaces, bracelets & rings for the party bags. You can find loads of the charm videos on YouTube.

    1. thanks Kym reads books BlogSpot I'll do that thanku

  2. thank you, Skye,( i am Jessica but i choose to comment anonymously) love the advice but what type of attire could my friends wear

  3. Chocolate tasting is great fun. Try and guess what flavour the chocolate is. You or your friends could dress up as chocolate chefs

  4. Google The Chocolate Game and see what comes up. My friends and I have played a sort of dressing-up version several times at parties! I would tell your friends to wear festival clothes or, as Skye says, don't try to theme everything!



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