Monday 2 May 2016


Reader Georgina shares her love of dance and describes just what it means to her...

Georgina says:
I started dancing when I was two and a half. I fell in love with dance and ballet and wanted to do more dance and performance, so after a while I left my friends and my wonderful teacher Stephanie and moved schools to a place with its own performing arts school. I now do Ballet Grade Five and Intermediate Foundation, and also a free class which is where we make up dances in the lesson. I am very lucky as we have a pianist in the lesson too. Two years ago, I was finally able to dance en pointe. I really enjoy this but it can be quite painful too! As well as ballet, I also do Grade Three Jazz, Grade three Contemporary and Grade Three Tap. I also do Musical Theatre and Lamda. Out of all of these, ballet remains my favourite! I was awarded a dance scholarship at the start of Year Seven and was recently given a Musical theatre Exhibition.

I have always performed in annual shows and we have just finished our annual performance. I played a villager from the musical Wicked and a tea part guest at the Mad Hatter's tea party. I also performed a jazz dance and a part of the ballet La Bayadere. The highlight of my dance career so far was when I auditioned for the English Youth Ballet in 2014 - I got in and performed in The Nutcracker at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. Later this month, I am auditioning again for a different performance - Giselle. I think that the audition will be even harder though, as I will be in the senior class this time.

Dance means the world to me and I don't know what I would do if I couldn't dance. Dance makes me feel happy and I enjoy doing it and I'm really proud of my achievements! Although dance is my passion, I am very involved with singing too... I cam second in a music festival last month singing a piece from the musical My Fair lady. I would love to do more work in the theatre, but it's difficult to get parts as we don't live in London. The advice I would give to somebody who would like to start dancing is... go for it! Find someone who already goes to a class and get a recommendation. Once you're starting to learn, be sure that you always warm up properly before dancing and do not try to do pointe work until you are absolutely ready!

Cathy says:
Georgina is an inspiring girl... I've followed her career in dance for a while and really admire her passion and determination. I think Summer Tanberry would approve! Do YOU love to dance? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. I love dance too! Ballet is my dance style too and I love to perform I have danced since I was 2 and am 12 now



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