Thursday 26 May 2016


Student Charlotte talks about the joys of reading, and of finding just the right place to curl up with a favourite book!

Charlotte says:
This week I decided to hop on a bus and go to Southport, the nearest beach town to where I go to uni. The weather was amazing so I really didn't want to miss out! I walked through a huge park and out to the very end of the pier, then had some lunch in a cafe overlooking the sea. Later I sat down in a little park and read a few chapters of my book, and that inspired me to write this post... my favourite places to read!

The park is a great place to read. You can sit on a bench in the dappled sunlight, lie on the grass or even relax on the swings and read as you sway. You can read in the shade or in the sun and it's even better if there just happens to be an ice cream van nearby... just try not to get ice cream on your book!

Another place I love to read is the beach. It's funny, because I am not usually a fan of the beach, but if I take a blanket and an umbrella (I get sunburnt really easily), I can happily lie for hours and read a good book. The sound of the sea in the background is just so calming. This set up is especially good if there is a shop or a food stall nearby (or again, an ice cream van!) so that you can nip across and grab anything you need, then get straight back to your book!

It's also great to read right at home! At home you have a whole array of reading choices - you can lie in bed, curl up on the sofa, even lie on the floor if that's your thing/ You've got your bookshelf right there in case you happen to finish a book and want to go straight onto a new one. There is no chance of sunburn at home, which for me is a real plus... and if you're really lucky, the ice cream van might call round. (In case you can't tell, I really like ice cream vans!)

Finally, there is no better place than a library. What place can be better for reading a book than a building FULL of them? If there is a comfy chair to sit in, that's even better. It's great to support your local libraries, and a library card is completely free so you can borrow books as often as you like without it costing you a penny. They're brilliant!

Cathy says:
Love it! Where do YOU like to read? COMMENT BELOW to tell us your favourite reading spots!


  1. Where don't i read? Ha. I've recently learnt the art of walking and reading. For your own safety though, close the book at roads... I sit down on the floor and read anywhere. Rarely do I read in the bath, too many accidents have happened there. I always have a book in my bag. It's a bit like my phone and keys, I feel naked without them. <3 xxx

  2. My favourite place to read is my local book shop. The genuises there have a cafe above the main store, so you can sit on a comfy chair with a hot chocolate filled with marshmallows, getting lost in a story...

  3. My favourite place to read is strangely on a cushion next to the radiator or just in bed at night. My other favourite place is on the comfy sofa in my library I always sit in the same place. i'm one of these people who find it difficult to concentrate on reading a book in loud public places though unfortunately (i have trouble filtering out sounds and not feeling relaxed in public) I wish I wasn't then I could read more places!!!



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