Wednesday 25 May 2016


It's problem page time on DREAMCATCHER again and reader Sarah has a heartbreaking question for Honey Tanberry... will Honey's advice help? Read on and see...

Sarah says:
I feel like my life is over. I had a crush on a boy in my year - let's call him Joe - for ages. My friends knew, and he knew even though I hadn't said anything because he'd smile at me sometimes and wink, in a flirty sort of way. This would always send my friends into fits of the giggles, and I would go scarlet with blushing. A week ago we had a Year Seven dance to raise money for charity, and Joe asked me to dance. We were together all night and at the end we went outside for some air and we kissed and cuddled and stuff. I had to go because my mum was picking me up, but I was so happy. All weekend I was on a cloud, texting my friends and fantasising about having a boyfriend. Then on Monday I went to school and he totally blanked me, and when my friend asked him what was wrong he just laughed and said surely I hadn't thought he was serious, I was just not his type. I am devastated and I feel so ashamed because the whole of my year saw what happened and they can see what is happening now, and every day is like torture. What did I do to make him hate me so?

Honey says:
I wish I could tell this boy what I think of him, face to face. He's a user, a loser, an immature idiot who doesn't deserve you - or any girl. He knew you liked him so he took the opportunity to have a kiss and a cuddle, but he is not mature enough for a relationship. Rather than tell you that, he's acting big in front of his friends and pretending you took it all the wrong way. It wouldn't surprise me if he's been teased by his friends about spending time with you at the dance and that he doesn't have the guts to say he likes you - he'd rather turn it all into a joke at your expense. Either way, you do not need this boy. Please don't waste your tears on him, and don't feel ashamed either - those who noticed what went on will not be pitying you but thinking what a low-life idiot Joe is. You're feeling bruised and hurt right now and that's only natural, but don't let him get to you. Stand tall, brush off the hurt and show him that you just don't care, that he's nothing to you. Yes, it will be acting, but it will help, I promise. Not all boys are half-wit losers like this one... and in time your hurt will heal and you'll find someone who really cares about you. For now, remind yourself that although he looked good on the outside, he was pretty rotten on the inside... you are better off without him.

Cathy says:
Ouch... Sarah has found out the hard way that some boys can be users, but honey's advice is brilliant and should certainly help. Would YOU add anything more? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. No one who makes you feel so bad is ever worth your tears. It's easier said than done, I know. Everyone may see what's going on now, but that won't last forever. Especially in school, it will soon become yesterday's news. <3 xxx

  2. I totes agree with u Cathy ! This boy is obviously not good enough 4 u and u must remember that ! Good luck with overcoming your crush
    -although I know it may seem impossible !It isn't ,really

  3. Sarah, Honey's advice was G R E A T ! and you wont be heartbroken forever! you will find your Mr Right one day :D

  4. Sarah, don't even waste your time, work or tears on ... Joe. you will soon find your Mr Right some day :D

  5. I've liked this boy since I was six-years-old. He's the best looking guy in our year, but he's never had a girlfriend. Everyone loves him, and he's really popular, but I'm the complete opposite. He knows that I like him, and grins and smiles at me sometimes, but generally we don't speak. Thanks for the post, Sarah. It's shown me that I'm probably better off without him.



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