Monday 30 May 2016


Curl up in the sunshine with a long, cool drink and take this fun quiz to work out if you're knowledgable and dedicated enough to be a CC superfan! 

1. Which character in BROKEN HEART CLUB dyes her hair black the summer after Year Six?
a/ Andie
b/ Eden
c/ Miss Smith

2. Why is Ryan in trouble with the school at the end of Year Eight in BROKEN HEART CLUB?
a/ It involves a javelin, a fishpond and a very old lady
b/ It involves truancy, lies and a threat of expulsion
c/ It involves a blackmail plot and some missing GCSE exam papers

3. In LOOKING GLASS GIRL, Alice is offered a drink from a china teapot. What is it?
a/ Very strong tea
b/ Fruit punch with a dash of chilli sauce
c/ A cocktail of different alcoholic drinks

4. In LOOKING GLASS GIRL, Alice finds herself trapped where towards the end of the sleepover?
a/ The bathroom
b/ The garden shed
c/ The cellar

5. What is the name of CC's bestselling series?

6. Which wild animal do Coco and Laurie rescue from a snare in one of the stories in LIFE IS SWEET?
a/ A kestrel
b/ A fox
c/ A rabbit

7. Which CC character loves the band My Chemical Romance?
a/ Mouse from LUCKY STAR
b/ Paul from DRIFTWOOD
c/ Finn from DIZZY

8. What is the name of the school magazine in GINGERSNAPS?
a/ Pink Ink
b/ Zine Scene
c/ S'cool

9. Dan Carney from ANGEL CAKE first meets Anya while...
a/ Giving out free cakes in the street, in the rain
b/ Auditioning as angels for the school nativity play
c/ At a school cake sale to raise money for orphaned swans at the local wildlife park

10. In SUNDAE GIRL, Jude's mum is hiding a dark secret. What is it?
a/ She is a Take That fan
b/ She is addicted to ice cream
c/ She drinks too much

Now to see how dedicated you are...
11. Have you ever given a CC book to a friend to borrow?
12. Have you ever borrowed a CC book from the library?
13. Have you ever been to a CC book signing?
14. Have you ever entered a CC competition?
15. Have you ever reviewed a CC book?
16. Have you ever dressed as a CC character for World Book Day?
17. Do you watch the Cathy Cassidy TV Youtube channel?
18. Do you visit the CC website,
19. Have you ever read a CC book more than twice?
20. Have you ever written a story or made a drawing inspired by a CC book?

SCORING: Give yourself one point for every correct answer in q's 1-10, and one point for every 'yes' answer in q's 11-20.
1. b; 2. a; 3. c; 4. c; 5. a; 6. b; 7. a; 8. c; 9. a; 10. c.
Q's 11-20, one point for every 'yes' answer.

1-5: You've read one or two books but you're just starting out really... there's much more for you to discover. What are you waiting for?
6-11: You see yourself as a fan, but you haven't read all the books yet - check the website to see which ones you've missed and ask your bookshop or library to order them in for you!
11-15: You're a serious fan and pretty clued up on CC books. You even help to spread the word to your friends... well done!
16-20: You're not only a superfan, you probably know more about all things CC than Cathy herself... if CC books were an exam subject, you'd be getting A* grades! Awesome stuff.

Cathy says:
Ooh... tricky! How did YOU do? COMMENT BELOW to compare notes!


  1. I got 16. I haven't read Broken Heart club yet so I didn't anser those two and I had no for 13,15,16 and 20. So yeah.

  2. Full marks! Yay! I let a friend borrow Lucky Star and she lost it. Took me two years to get it back! That's just a random anecdote.

  3. 17/20

    Let down on a few of the last ones. Got all the book questions right though :-)

  4. I got 17 YAY I'm a superfan of awesomely cool CC books!!! I only got 1 of the questions wrong (q3, I thought it was alcohol in the teapot, haven't read it in detail for a while , oops, I knew it was a dodgy drink anyway!)

  5. I got 17 YAY I'm a superfan of the awesomely cool CC books!!

  6. I got 18! Is there any more CC books coming out soon? I've been to 2 CC book signings

  7. Beansprout Babes!!! :D

    1. B
    2. A
    3. B (?)
    4. C
    5. A
    6. B
    7. B (I have no idea; have not yet read Driftwood!!!)
    8. C
    9. A
    10. C

    8/10 - not bad!!!

    16 altogether! I really love CC xxx



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