Wednesday 27 July 2016


It's problem page time again and reader Anna has a worry for SKYE TANBERRY to solve... can she come up with some solutions?

Anna says:
We've just broken up for the school holidays and my friends are goig on about the holidays they are going on, to places like Gran Canaria or Majorca or Crete. Even my best friend Niamh is going to Ireland to stay with her gran for the summer. The problem is, we're not going anywhere, not even a day trip. My dad is disabled and Mum lost her job last year and hasn't been able to find anything else, I have two little sisters and there's no money to spare at all. I feel depressed before the summer has even begun. How can I make something out of nothing and have a good time this summer break?

Skye says:
It may seem like everyone you know is all set for a brilliant summer, but that's probably not the case. You won't be the only one holidaying at home, I promise. We always do... when Dad left, money was seriously tight for a long time and even now that Paddy's around and the chocolate business is taking off, we stay home in the summer because there's just so much to do. OK, we are lucky because we live by the sea, but you can still do lots to make sure your school break is fun. Make a den in the back garden/ friend's garden/ park - a place for you and your little sisters to escape to when things get stressy at home. Get outside as much as you can... your local library can tell you what's happening locally. Get involved with fetes, fairs, classes, courses and summer schemes... you'll stay busy and meet new people. Join the library's Summer Reading Scheme while you're there... or just set yourself a challenge to read 10 or 20 books before the holiday is over! Every one can take you to a new place, provide a new adventure. Next, get your friends together and plan some cool days out... picnics, bike rides, bus trips, sleepovers. Let them know you need a bit of sparkle this summer and let them help provide it - keeping the situation a secret won't help one bit. Lastly, do one cool, fun or cute thing with your little sisters every day... whether it's acting out a homemade play, making lemonade, inventing a fantasy ice cream sundae or creating a treasure hunt for them. Summer magic is something we can all find, if we try hard enough!

Cathy says:
Agree with Skye... holidays are what you make them. Friends, family, a bit of sunshine and lots of imagination are the main ingredients for a happy summer! (My recent week in Menorca was the first holiday in four years, so I know all about summers spent at home!) What are YOUR tips for a fab summer break? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Get crafty! Gather bits and pieces of art supplies together and make some things. It could be fun! Go for walks, play games with your sisters and ring up a friend. If they are not at home, get involved with fun activities in the area and make new friends. Have fun!

  2. You can still have fun where you are! Get together with your family, do something fun with them. Play outside, do a puzzle....just because you're not going anywhere, it doesn't mean that you can't have fun.



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