Monday 4 July 2016


Skye Tanberry shares her tips on getting a little bit of vintage style into your life this summer... what are you waiting for?

Skye says:
I often get asked how to choose the right pieces when you're out vintage hunting... I'd say don't worry too much and just buy what you really like, but here are my top tips on making the hunt more fun!

- Flick through mags, blogs, Instagram feeds, Pinterest etc to find the vintage looks that you like - we're all different. One girl's vintage treasure is another girl's junk, but that's fine! For example in the mag pic to the left, I love the hat and would give the wooly jacket a try, but nobody is ever going to get me into a leopardskin print dress. But fans of 1980s vintage would LOVE it!

- Make a scrapbook, pinterest page or pinboard of your fave looks, colours and inspirations. It all helps you to understand what you might be looking for!

- List your local vintage shops, check for nearby vintage sales or kilo sales (where they sell big bags of vintage clothes by weight... you get to choose what goes in the bag!) and note down charity shops too. Car boot sales and jumble sales are another source of vintage goodies. They're all worth a look!

- Work out your budget and stick to it... if you can splash out on a one-of-a-kind prom dress from a specialist vintage shop, that could be worth the spend. If cash is short, though, focus on accessories - a hat, bag, brooch or scarf can add a cool vintage touch to your outfit without making you look like you've just walked off the set of Grease or The Great Gatsby!

- Are you creative and/or good with a needle and thread? Look for awesome fabrics, damaged items or snippets of lace, all often cheap as chips, and turn them into something new and wonderful. Need inspiration for vintage fashion makes? CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS has some awesome projects to get you started!

- Don't be afraid to try things on to make sure they fit and/or are the kind of look you're going for. Vintage items can be smaller than modern ones in the 'same' size, so better safe than sorry!

- Just one cool, quirky item... a beret, a trilby hat, an embroidered top or ditzy print skirt... can make your search a success. Quality not quantity!

- Take a friend along on the hunt... twice the fun, and once you're done you have someone to share coffee and cakes with! Result! Enjoy your vintage treasure hunt!

Cathy says:
Fab advice from Skye... are YOU a vintage fan? COMMENT BELOW to tell us about YOUR fave vintage find!


  1. LOVE vintage, with a mix of 90's grunge. Big fan of charity shops. Picking up things and altering them. eBay & Depop are good too. Pinterest & Instagram are awesome for all kinds of inspiration. <3 xxx

  2. omg love it vintage is gorgeous my motto for vintage is ''it's not old, it's classic''

  3. Also YouTube! Not really a fan of the beauty channels, but there are some awesome fashion YouTubers such as, Carrie-Anne Kimberley, Elise Buch & Naryfiel Nymph. - they are my favourites anyway.

  4. This is perfect for me! I love anything vintage, but I've been struggling to find vintage shops (though I'm going to London next week so that should help!) and I often worry too much about finding the balance between cool and weird. So this will actually really help me!



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