Thursday 21 July 2016


Readers share their memories of favourite holidays... fabby-tastic!

Zoe says:
Greece has been the scene of all my favourite holidays! We've been to Corfu, Crete and Rhodes and they were all absolutely beautiful!

Tasha says:
Last year my sister and I went to Croatia... that was definitely my most memorable holiday yet! We went on a yacht with our parents and every day we would sail to different destinations, stopping in small coves to eat lunch and swim. We loved it! In the evenings we went round all the little towns and in the mornings we explored and took in the views... it was fantastic. It was boiling hot - there was a heatwave - so cooling off in the sea was one of the best bits! On the last day we went to Split, the capital, and looked around the ruins of the old town and looked at the shops. An amazing holiday.

Chloe says:Two years ago, when I was eleven, I went to Paris for a week. It was a brilliant and beautiful city and I got to the top of the Eiffel Tower where the view of the city was amazing!

Cheryl says:
When I was fourteen, I discovered the band The Cure. My cousin taped every album for me to listen to on my Walkman, and that week we went on holiday to Devon and stayed in a caravan. I spent every night in the little park, swinging in the dark on my favourite swing, discovering those albums. They changed my life forever. Strangely, I found two Cure t-shirts and a vinyl record in the little tourist shops. It was meant to be. I bought a black eyeliner and a red lipstick and went home a completely different girl. I had found my confidence - I had found my people.

Trish says: I once went on a seven day cruise with my ex boyfriend and his family. We visited Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize and Grand Cayman and then had a week in Florida. It was amazing and something I never thought I would experience. Belize was phenomenal - I climbed a Mayan temple - and Seven Mile Beach was the most gorgeous place I have ever been!

Kym says:
I went on an awesome camping trip when I was thirteen with a charity run youth group I used to go to for kids with messed up home lives etc. We spent a weekend in the New Forest - there was a huge house with an outdoor pool we could use and we rented bikes and went on long rides. In the evenings we took turns to direct the group leaders on mystery car trips... I knew we were near a beach because my grandparents had once taken me to one nearby, so we ended up on the beach at night! The downside was that I started sleepwalking every night and one morning I was found asleep on the grass outside the tents!

Photo of Greece by reader Zoe - thank you!

Cathy says:
Love these holiday memories... what was YOUR most memorable holiday? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. So cool to go to places like that! Greece sounds amazing as well as everywhere else. I go to visit family in America. Im going agin this year, its been years since I have been there. Want to travel more though!



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