Friday 1 July 2016


Skye Tanberry has been crystal gazing again - what will her starry-eyed predictions mean for you? Read on and see what the summer holds!

LEO (24 July - 23 Aug)
Looking forward to a quiet, chilled-out summer? Think again - a drama-queen character on the edge of your friendship group or family is whipping up a whole lot of trouble. Do not be drawn in or pressured to take sides. You don't need this. Step back, take some time out and things should cool down gradually - without your help.

VIRGO (24 Aug - 22 Sept)
You've given all your energy and hard work to school and study - now it's time to devote some attention to slowing down and having fun! Make strengthening your friendships a priority this summer... it's one project you'll never regret!

LIBRA (24 Oct - 22 Nov)
It's a good job the holidays are almost upon us... you've been pushing yourself a little too hard, as usual. Get some balance into your life and remember that rest and relaxation are just as vital as work and social life. Summer is the perfect time to wind down and take it easy, right?

SCORPIO (24 Oct - 22 Nov)
2016 has been a whirlwind so far with unexpected friendships, interests and skills all coming into your life. It's not over yet - a new friend or even a romance are on the cards for the summer, and look set to turn everything upside-down. Expect the unexpected... and enjoy!

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov - 22 Dec)
The world is a little more chaotic than usual just now, and because you're sensitive and emotional, this can get under your skin and pull you down. You probably can't fix the woes of the world, but you can make sure you smile, hug your friends and do your best to spread positivity to counter the tricky stuff. If anyone can make a difference, you can!

CAPRICORN (23 Dec - 29 Jan)
You've allowed life to drift a little lately - it's time to remember that you're in control. OK, you can't save the world, but you CAN get your summer on track by planning out the things you'd like to achieve and the fun you'd like to have. Once it's all on paper, putting the plan into action is much more possible... go for it!

AQUARIUS (20 Jan - 19 Feb)
You're a caring person, and just lately you have given so much to others that your own energy supplies may be running low. That's what summers are for... time to kick back and enjoy some downtime. Instead of being an agony aunt to your mates, focus on having fun - they may be surprised to start with, but they'll love you for it!

PISCES (20 Feb - 20 March)
Slowly but surely, you're growing up and mapping out the path you'd like to follow in life. Your quiet confidence shows, and draws others to you - and this summer, that may include a special boy, too. Whether he ends up being a friend, a crush or even something more is totally up to you, but though he may only be in your life for a short while, he's someone you won't forget.

ARIES (21 march - 20 April)
For you, summer can be the perfect antidote to the stresses of school. Once term is over, you're free to spend more time outdoors and pursue the sports you love... or simply get together with friends and plan a long walk or bike ride with a picnic at the end! You may have had a tricky couple of months, but you'll bounce back to your usual sunny self very soon, promise!

TAURUS (21 April - 21 May)
Stroppy friends? Grumpy parents? You can't please everybody, but you have to find ways to compromise and call a truce when things get awkward, or else summer is going to have a few black clouds spoiling the fun. Channel your peace-maker skills and let any stress go right over your head... think sunshine and chill-out time. You can do it!

GEMINI (22 May - 22 June)
There is a brand new Gemini passion on the horizon for you... it could be a romance, a new friend or even a new skill or hobby that's set to capture your imagination and fire up your enthusiasm. Enjoy the feeling, but guard against your trait of getting easily bored and moving on. It can hurt feelings and waste time, and frazzle your energy levels too.

CANCER (23 June - 23 July)
You're having a seriously creative year, one where anything seems possible... channel the feeling and make the most of summer to feed your talents. Look for holiday classes, workshops, groups etc, and use the time away from school to follow your own dreams. Be open to new ideas, too... the stars may have a few surprises in store for you this month!

Cathy says:
Oooh... a mixed bag of fortune for a lot of us, here! Does YOUR horoscope ring true? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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