Wednesday 20 July 2016


It's problem page time again on DREAMCATCHER, and reader Sara has a problem for Cherry Costello to solve...

Sara says:
I feel so embarrassed to be writing this. It's the summer holidays now and I am not looking forward to it. I have a group of friends I see at school, but there's nobody I am close to and nobody I will be seeing in the holidays. It's a private school and they all live in different parts of town anyway. I will probably just hang out with my little brother and then tell lies about the things I've done when term starts again, but surely i should be looking forward to the holidays?

Cherry says:
I remember all too well what it feels like not to have close friends, not to have exciting holidays planned... that was a life I lived for a very long time. Things changed when I came to Tanglewood, and it's only now I realise what I was missing out on all those years. OK, you have friends at school... why not text a couple of them and arrange to meet up in town? What's the worst that can happen? They might be busy... so text a couple more. It takes effort to build close friendships, but the effort is worth it. What about old friends from closer to home? Is there anyone you got along with when you were younger? Anyone who seems friendly? This could be the time to reach out and renew old friendships, or make new ones. Not possible? There are other options. Get along to your city library and see what summer courses, clubs or productions are taking place and get involved... a great way to learn something new and make new friends at the same time. Don't waste your summer... take control and make it the best ever!

Cathy says:
Good advice from Cherry... what would YOU add? COMMENT BELOW to have your say and help Sara!

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