Thursday 7 July 2016


Readers review their fave Cathy Cassidy books... have you read all of these yet?
Alana says:
LOOKING GLASS GIRL surprised me. I was expecting a typical CC book, but much of the story was different. I loved how it switched from past to present and from first person to third person. It was like a jigsaw puzzle, you slowly got to see the full picture and I spent most of the book trying to figure out exactly what had happened to Alice. What struck me most was how scary and dark the story had become. Lainey was jealous of Alice to the point where she not physically harmed her; she even had thoughts of killing her. The idea was very scary and difficult to get my head around... but it shows powerfully how jealousy and bullying can get out of hand. The bullying was realistic, not the stereotypical ideas of everything in your face and verbal, but the real deal, hidden by sickening sweet smiles and fake niceness. I really loved this story, it kept me thinking for days after I had read it. It is a very special book to me.

Slaney says:
I love CHERRY CRUSH as it was one of the first Cathy Cassidy books I read and it is the book that opened my eyes to this amazing series. It is the story of Cherry Costello, half Japanese and half Scottish, a teenager whose single-parent dad gets back in touch with an old art college friend, Charlotte, and falls in love with her. Cherry likes her dad's new girlfriend a lot... she has always dreamed of being part of a proper family, and when her dad suggests moving from Glasgow to Somerset so that he and Charlotte can start a chocolate business, Cherry is keen to make a fresh start away from the bullies who plague her school life. She is not quite so sure when she discovers that this brand new 'perfect' family comes complete with four surprise step sisters... let's just say there is lots of drama ahead as the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series unfolds!

Katie says:
GINGERSNAPS - spicy, sweet and truly delectable. That's what GINGERSNAPS is! Cathy Cassidy's delightful tale of a girl who needs to show herself and others who they truly are, resonated with me on so many levels. I was gripped from the first word; Cathy Cassidy revealed Ginger's troubled childhood, where she felt she could never belong anywhere. The girls she invites to her birthday party turn up just to laugh at her. By Year Eight, Ginger is 'cool', the exact opposite of how she felt at eleven. But somehow, 'cool' doesn't feel quite right to her anymore. Enter Sam Taylor! He is definitely my favourite character because he just wants to be himself to the point of not caring. He is all about individuality! With a talent for happy saxophone music and Tippex clothing embellishment, Sam sometimes oversteps the line but managed to step right into my heart! Without Sam, Ginger would have had to go it alone. GINGERSNAPS is a standout story because of the unique characters, breathtaking plot twists and the message - you can be whoever you want to be! My fave sweet treat while reading this book? Ginger Kisses... mmmm!

Fab photo of LOOKING GLASS GIRL by book blogger Kym. Thank you!

Cathy says:
Love these fab reviews... aww! Which CC book do YOU plan to read next? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. If Owen is reading this he should be reading Broken Heart Club ...

  2. I had the Gallifreyan fob watch in the first photo when I was a kid! Oh, the good old days of 2008 and the rabid Doctor Who fandom that went with it.



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