Friday 8 July 2016


Readers share the life advice that has always stuck with them... prepare to be inspired!

Jenny says:
My gran told me never to be a gossip, or to talk in a mean way about others because I wouldn't want anyone to talk that way about me. It helped me see the good in people and has definitely made me a better person... if I can be halfway as lovely as my gran is, I'll be happy!
Janet says:
You can do anything you set your mind to... don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Sophie says:
The advice to always look for the good in people, even if they seem bad or unkind, because everyone is good inside. Ot was from my best friend, she has a lot of good advice. Another piece is 'Be kind to yourself!'

Al says:
Two pieces of advice have really helped me... 'It's not about what's right or wrong, it's about what you think...' and 'No one who is unkind to someone is happy on the inside...'

Cheryl says:
Someone always used to tell me to 'keep smiling.' He said that no matter what is going on in your life, if you make yourself smile at everyone, people will smile back and you can't help but feel better. I've found it to be amazingly true.

Zaila says:
My English teacher, to whom I am dedicating my book, told me 'Zaila, some people are going to set you back. They'll tell you that you'll never do it. That's why you have to go on, to prove them wrong!'

Wendy says:
'Just keep swimming,' by Dory in Finding Nemo!

Trish says:
My mum left me a letter before she passed away, telling me to never stop giggling. I did for a good few years, with my ex boyfriend, but I've met someone new and the laughter is back again. Mum would love him!

Deborah says:
I got a fortune cookie from the launch of Cathy Cassidy's FORTUNE COOKIE in London last year... it said: 'Don't make the same mistake you made before.' This taught me to be more aware of myself and not to immediately trust something just because I'd seen something similar before. It was also very convenient because I had just learnt from that mistake and the fortune cookie kind of emphasised the lesson I got from the situation.

Cathy says:
Love these! What is the best piece of advice YOU have ever been given? COMMENT BELOW to share your wise words!

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