Monday 11 July 2016


Reader Deborah tells us about a book project she did all the way back in Year Five... all about SUNDAE GIRL. She has just finished Year Eleven now, and is still a loyal and lovely fan!

Deborah says:
Back in Year Five, my primary school gave us all exercise books and told us to write about the books that we'd read. We had to write about the book, why we liked it and all about the characters. I had been a Cathy Cassidy fan for a year by then, so I knew I had to write about her books! At the time, SUNDAE GIRL was my favourite - the story and characters had really captured my imagination.

I am still pretty proud of my project on SUNDAE GIRL. It included a title page, a breakdown of the story, a description of the main character, Jude o'Reilly, and of Kristina Kowalski. I also wrote a letter to Kristina! I did a lot writing and also a lot of drawings to illustrate the project and try to get inside the whole world of the book.

My favourite bit of the project was the letter I wrote to Kristina, a complicated character who is a bit of a bully in the story. She also has a big brother with Special Needs and nobody else knows about him but Jude. The letter reminded me how I used to always try to make people feel better... I was trying to tell Kristina that she'd be happier if she was a bit nicer to people. I found it funny that I had written, 'I have a brother and I don't hide it, so why should you?'

The book project was a really exciting task for me back then, to have the opportunity to write about something I loved so much in school. Actually, I'd love the chance to do something like this now as well... maybe I'll do another book project one day, just for the fun of it!

Cathy says:
I love this! It's brilliant to see my characters come to life in the imaginations of my readers, and amazing to see those readers growing up and following their own talents! Have YOU ever reviewed a CC book or made a project on one? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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