Monday 26 February 2018


Reader Janelle shares her favourite children's classic book with us... could it be the perfect read for you too?

Janelle says:
I first read LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott when I was twelve, which is four years ago now. I loved it because it was so different from my life, being set in 19th century America, and yet I could identify with so many of the situations and emotional dilemmas in the book. It also formed a great contrast to my favourite modern series of the time, which was of course the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS by Cathy Cassidy! It was strange to read something so different to begin with, but after a while I was hooked and read through all of the books in the series... GOOD WIVES, LITTLE MEN and JO'S BOYS. The first book is definitely the best though!

My favourite character was Jo, but I also loved Beth, (even though her story is quite a tragic one). I love the part where Jo cuts off her hair and sells it - her father is ill and she knows the money will help him, and also I loved the character of Laurie who lives next door, even though things don't work out in the story they way I wanted them to!

I hadn't thought about the books for a while and then there was a TV series of LITTLE WOMEN on over Christmas, which sent me right back to the books to read them again. I loved the series, as it was quite close to the books in detail, even though the characters were not quite as I had imagined them. I loved seeing the world of 19th century America brought to life though! Reading a from so long ago (it was published in 1868) is like a window on a different time and place, and yet we still have so much in common. I love that, that books show you how alike we are and also how different. This will always be a special book to me, and I recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series!

Cathy says:
I remember reading these books at the age of twelve or thirteen, too... and falling into the world of the March girls and their mother! Have YOU got a favourite children's classic book? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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  1. yessssssssss i ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ little women! My favourite gal is Amy cuz she's real sassy ;D even though she bu- no i won't spoil it i caaaan't spoil it u guys hav 2 read it 2 find out hehehe



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