Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Another in our regular problem page series… reader Grace asks Coco Tanberry for advice.

Grace says:
My horse riding stables is going to be closing down after Christmas and I don't know what to do. I am a mega horse fan and I practically live at the stables; in the holidays I'm there from morning until evening. I have my lesson and then hang around with my friends and help out with the horses. I have so many good friends there, and of course, I'll really miss the horses too. I love being there and I know I will be lost without it…

Coco says:
Oh no… I really feel for you, Grace. I don't know what I'd do if my local stables closed down. Try asking your friends at the stables where they will be going for riding lessons once this place closes… there may be other options that you can check out. What do your family think? They will be aware of how much your riding means to you; talk to them about how you feel. If joining another stables is not an option, make the best of the situation… make arrangements to stay in touch with your riding school friends and investigate other classes, hobbies and activities that will keep you busy out of school time. Is there an animal rescue or pony sanctuary you can volunteer at? Perhaps a summer pony trekking holiday or a week perfecting your show jumping skills could be fun things to look forward to? And if horses mean so much to you, check out college courses in equestrian studies for after school… things may not be working out for you right now, but in the long run they still can. Good luck, Grace.

Cathy says:
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