Monday, 19 October 2015


Do you keep a diary or journal? We talk to readers who love to record their lives… in all kinds of different ways! Read on and see…

Crystal says:
I  have a blog which I call my 'online diary'. It's an anonymous blog, so I can safely post about my friends, boys, love life… just about anything really! I just change the names and post as normal. It's fun to know that people can read your personal problems and not know who you are… and because of that, you can post your secrets too. It's a great way to get things off your chest, very calming. And no one will ever know it's you…( )

Zaila says: 
Instagram really helps me to keep track of my life… plus it's very easy to use! Whenever I am doing something interesting or visiting somewhere new, I take a picture on my phone and share it to my Instagram followers. I can look back at the good times whenever I want, like if I'm feeling sad for example. I don't have huge amounts of followers, just my friends mostly, but every new one is important to me. I love getting comments on my Instagram 'diary' as it makes me feel like people care about me and my life.

Chloe says:
I keep a Memory Scrapbook. It's so I can remember when I'm older what life was like for me now… it's a great way to express yourself. I make collages and montages and sometimes write things too… it's a great hobby to have.

Grace says:
I have been keeping a diary since I was nine. I love writing my diary - it's a way of getting my thoughts, feelings and worries out in the open as well as documenting my life. It means I always have a way to express myself and a way to remember the good times - and see how far I've come from the bad ones!

Sarah Jade says:
I have a 'Wreck This' journal, a Q & A a Day for Five Years journal, and I vlog a bit too…  I used to keep a blog but kept forgetting to update! A diary documents the past, captures memories, thoughts and feelings and special moments to look back on in years to come. A diary charts the way you change…. not just handwriting but vocabulary, spelling, perspective and empathetic/ sympathetic capabilities. If you vlog your memories, the context is the same but you see the changes in your appearance… and rather than reading your memories you actually see them and you're back there joining in!

Kiki says:
I've had my diary blog for just under two years and it's never had any strict kind of structure. I post when I like, however many words I want. Sometimes it might be a poem, sometimes narrative, as if my life is a story someone else is writing. For me, that helps a lot as I'm a huge procrastinator and if i felt pressured to write I just know I wouldn't. Being able to read back over past events helps me to gain clarity as I can read over my emotions and add hindsight to see where I went wrong. There are over a hundred posts in my 'drafts' section that seem too boring or too personal to be read by my followers, but they're still there for me. In that sense a blog is better than a diary as if someone gets hold of it they can't see anything you don't want them to; it's like giving people access to certain parts of your brain!

Saffron says:
I do a kind of diary vlog, but I don't post them online - they are just for me and my family to watch. They're just good memories! I enjoy vlogging… if I do something interesting I always take my phone along to video it and try to capture an opportunity because there's always something good that will happen. I get funny looks sometimes because I'm talking to a selfie stick, but who cares - it's fun!

Cathy says:
I've never been very reliable at keeping a diary, but as an art student I kept a sketchbook diary faithfully, and these days I post on Instagram regularly. That's a kind of diary for me, though it's usually just pictures and not words, and I don't 'follow back'. Usually I forget that anyone else can see! Do YOU keep any kind of a diary? COMMENT BELOW and tell me more!


  1. Hi Cathy Just wondering. What is your inspiration for your writing

  2. I kept one a while back, but not any more! Too much responsibility, and a heavy burden, in my opinion!

  3. I attempted to keep a diary but I always forgot to right in it. I saw this really cool idea about a way to get rid of worries. It's called a worry doll and before you go to sleep, you tell the doll all your problems then put it under your pillow. When you are asleep the doll takes all your worries away.



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