Monday 16 February 2015


Reader Chloe tells us what it's like to be fitted with braces… 

Chloe says:
So… braces may sound like the worst thing in the world if you have watched the Katy Perry 'Last Friday Night' music video; but they may also seem like the best thing when you see the 'train-track' braces that are all cool and multi-coloured!

Well, it's not exactly like that… at the moment, I have block braces, the kind that aren't 'train track' if that makes sense. These are sorting out my 'overbite' rather than actually straightening my teeth,,, for me, the 'train-tracks' will come later! There are some great things about having braces; straight teeth will be one of them! There are also some not-so-good things. The 'train-tracks' hurt, as do the block braces. Not whilst they are being put in; but there is a lot of jaw strain, and I am still learning to cope with this. Perhaps the worst thing is that you have to change your diet… no fizzy drinks, sweet items, no sticky or sugary items and no pure fruit juice. Not good! I was not impressed. I mean - what about Easter? No chocolate, no sweets, no Malteser traybake from Aunt jane… nooo! But have no fear, LOOKING GLASS GIRL is here… Cathy has a new book out in April! Instead of chocolate, ask for £1 to put towards the new book and you can still have a treat for Easter, just in book-form rather than chocolate form! Mum is getting mine the day it comes out, AKA her birthday… it's a good job she loves me!

I do LOVE the brace box, which I have to take to every lesson… it's bright pink! However, with block braces you have to re-train your tongue to find space in your mouth to talk. I am still getting the hang of that - super-awkward! At the end of the day, though, braces are worth it for a straight and healthy smile. Braces are just something that come and go… and I hope that yours, if you are having any, go well!

Pic posed by reader Isabelle: many thanks!

Cathy says:
I LOVE this honest account of getting braces… and I also love Chloe's solution to a no-chocolate Easter, lol! Have YOU got any tips on coping with braces? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. You can still eat chocolate when you have braces! It's just chewy, hard or sticky sweets that you can eat as these can break your braces but chocolate won't damage it.

  2. THANK YOU! What did you think of my series sample? Have I said too much? Thank you to Isabelle as well!

  3. I have braces too and no offense but I HATE them. They DO look cute and I do attract attention but it's SO hard to eat food you really enjoy. It's not fair that every time you eat,food is stuck in your braces. Typical. But that doesn't stop me being positive. I am doing something similar to Isabella-as well as buying new Cathy Cassidy's book "Looking Glass-Girl" I will be visiting the Horse Trust! Squee! That's what I 'm really excited about. There is some reasons to love your braces as well as think they are annoying...

    Aaliyah xxx

  4. I have the same braces and after about two weeks I started to eat what I used to. You just have to overcome the first few weeks.
    Em xxx



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