Monday 9 February 2015


Another in our regular series of growing up in a different decade… we talk to Marie, who was a teen in the late 80s…

Marie says:
I turned thirteen in 1986; I was a quiet girl who loved reading and listening to music, and I was a great daydreamer! I lived in Lancashire on a big housing estate, and I remember looking out of my bedroom window at the sky and thinking, 'One day I am going to live somewhere beautiful and I am going to be a writer!' I had fantasies about having a turret room and being some kind of Virginia Woolf figure. In my early teens, I loved pop music and often sang into my hairbrush to Wham or Madonna songs but a few years on I was a mad-keen Smiths fan! My clothes changed too… by my late teens I was wearing long skirts with big wooly jumpers, floppy velvet hats and big boots. I also liked wearing men's tweed blazers - my mum thought I was very peculiar! I loved going to Quiggins in Liverpool, an alternative market selling fab jewellery, clothes, music etc.

I kept diaries and journals right through my teens and I loved drawing and poetry. I was definitely an arty kind of teenager! My hair was always the bane of my life… I was never happy with it and changed it a lot. I'd grow it, cut it short, then grow it again. Once I decided to get a 'bob' when my hair was quite long, and Mum wouldn't let me… so I cut it myself with nail scissors! It was awful, especially when I asked Dad to help with the back of it! I had to get it all cut very short to get rid of the mess. Oops!

One of the best things about being a teen was the friends I had. There's nothing better than knowing you can talk to your friends about anything and know they'll always be there for you. I'd spend all day at school with the and then talk for ages on the phone every evening! I still have some of the same friends now, even though we have our own families now! Not all of being a teen is fun - the exams, the peer pressure and the struggle to work out who you really are and what you want from life can be tough - but some of it is wonderful. You have your life ahead of you and a chance to choose which path you will take, and that's very special - especially when you have great friends to share the journey with!

Cathy says:
Awww… I totally understand what Marie is saying about teenage years being the best and the worst of times! These days, Marie is the happily married mum of two teenagers; she works with children and still loves writing, but rarely attacks her own hair with nail scissors these days! COMMENT BELOW to tell us whether YOU would have liked growing up in the late 80s...


  1. Yes I would because it is my dream to go back into the past

  2. This has no relation to the subject but will you come to Australia or Adelaide sometime soon?
    And can we have a song writing part in "you" on the cc website?

  3. Loved this little trip to the past and it's always good to remember friends from the growing up years. :)



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