Tuesday 24 February 2015


Readers tell us about their favourite sports and hobbies… would one of them suit YOU?
Isabelle says:
I have played golf for seven years or so, so I am pretty good at it now and have won the championship twice in a row. What I like best about it is that it's an outside sport, so you get to spend time in the sun - I like the wind too, though! I have made lots of new friends through golf. For example, one of the competitions we do involves going to another town to play for a day, so that can be interesting and you meet new people! My dad is really good at golf and I started playing as a way to spend more time with him and learn a skill at the same time. It does keep you quite fit as you have to walk the nine or eighteen holes to get around the course, but I do other sports too which gives me a good balance. It's not something kids my age always think of, but it can be lots of fun!

Molly says:
My two brothers and I all play indoor and outdoor bowls as a hobby. I have been playing for about three years now, and I am the current junior singles club champion. I've just reached the finals again this year - they'll be played in April. I have also been invited to play for Kent Ladies Under 25s which is quite cool when you are only twelve! I am really looking forward to that. My brothers have been playing bowls for about a year so far, and Harry got his first runners up trophy last year so I think they're going to be pretty good, too!

Jess says:
I'm not terribly sporty, but I am extremely passionate about horse riding! I had my first riding lesson when i was about five,after watching one of my friends who was having lessons, but I didn't start going for regular lessons until I was about eight, just after giving up gymnastics. What I love about riding is that although it can often feel like you're taking one step forward and two back, when you DO achieve something significant it gives you confidence as well as a real sense of accomplishment! And horse riding is an exhilarating experience, where you can really connect with the horse.

Cathy says:
I love these accounts - Isabelle, Molly and Jess all clearly love their sports, and are good at them, too! Do YOU have a sport you really love? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. My favourite sport is athletics - it's running, jumping, throwing, catching all rolled into one!

  2. running, swimming, cycling... I love lots of sports! of course, I do traditional sports that are from my country, too, which are camogie and Gaelic football. camogie is the girls name for hurling, it is a great team sport and keeps everyone moving, it's really fun! it's a bit like lacrosse. Gaelic football is like soccer, except you can catch it in your hands and hand pass, as well as kick it. when I was about seven, I was crazy about hurling so I played in the local club and soon caught up with everyone at school! I gave it up when it started getting really hard and competitive- not what sports are about at all! I only played football at school since I preferred hurling, but now I think they're both great, and will play both for the school this spring and summer when it gets nicer! I love dancing, too. but who doesn't? most girls do Irish dancing, but I don't like it so I do hip hop instead. swimming is not only a sport, but a useful life skill, and if you think it might be boring, it gets better than this: it's really fun! it's not competitive unless you take part in races which look really fun! I started lessons at school. it seems scary at first, but when you get used to it its the best thing ever! I prefer the swimming to the diving, but diving gives you more confidence in water if you are afraid of drowning and silly things like that. rounders, called baseball in the US, is another great one! there's definitely one for everyone, so go on, try it out- you won't regret it!



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