Wednesday 11 February 2015


Have you got a favourite Cathy Cassidy book? Readers share the books they love best...

Marjolaine says:
My favourite CC book is COCO CARAMEL. I found it amazing how an annoying boy can turn out to be so shy and really just adorable. How he wants to save Caramel and Star and Spirit just as much as Coco and how he wants to look after his little sister and his mum so much. I loved the connection between how Coco thought Lawrie was so moody, selfish and annoying, and how he got blamed for being a bully... yet turned out to be such a shy, gentle guy. I loved the bit where he said he would never forget Coco... so sweet!

Jess says:
My fave CC book is LOVE, PEACE & CHOCOLATE. The picture is of me meeting Cathy and getting my book signed at a book festival a little while ago... that was cool! I find the Friendship Festival plotline in the story very inspirational - it would be amazing to set up something like that. I'd love to have a go! I can really relate to Kady and Jess as I am a similar age to them - and of course, I share the name Jess! The thing I like most about the book is that each chapter begins with a text message… it's such an original idea and helps you to feel like you are really in the story with Jess and Kady. It's realistic and romantic and happy, sad and funny… just my favourite of all the CC books I've read, and trust me, I have read quite a few of them!

Izabel says:
I have been reading SUMMER'S DREAM as part of my Accelerated Reading at school. So far, Summer's mum has just got married and when the vicar says, 'Is there anybody here present who knows any reason why these people should not get married...' and… well, I won't tell you, because that would spoil it! It's a funny book so far, but with a serious side too. I am really enjoying it - totally hooked - and I hope I do well on my Accelerated Reading quiz once I have finished! Then I can move on to the next one in the series…

Willa says:
I started reading INDIGO BLUE a few days ago and I really enjoyed it. Indigo, her little sister and her mum run away from Mum's boyfriend, Max and move into a dark, damp flat in town… and to add to her troubles, Indie is having friendship troubles. I liked the characters and I love how creative Indigo is. Every chapter had something unexpected which was really exciting - I pretty much couldn't stop reading. There were a few twists in the story which I can't tell you about… you'll have to read the story to see! You can always tell a good book - it's one you can't put down! I hope that Cathy will bring out a second version to the book, I wanted to read more!

Cathy says:
Aww, I love reading about which books are your favourites… and why! It makes all the hard work worthwhile. Have YOU got a fave CC book? COMMENT BELOW to tell me more!


  1. I have read every cc book about 7 times!! I love Cathy sooo much�� and I can't wait for the new books!! Please please come to Northern Ireland Cathy!!��

  2. My favourites are Gingersnaps and Marshmallow Skye because I can really relate to them.

  3. Hello, your unofficial spellchecker is back! Not that I know your own books better than you do, Cathy, but I was pretty sure that the boy in Coco Caramel was called Lawrie, not Laurie. Laurie is the more well known spelling but it's not the one you chose.
    Blue. :-)



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