Tuesday 3 February 2015


My fab writer pal RUTH FITZGERALD has a cool new book out today… I think you'll like it!

Ruth says:
EMILY SPARKLES AND THE FRIENDSHIP FIASCO is a book about how very difficult it is to be an eleven year old girl. Everyone expects you to be sensible, mature and grown up, but they still treat you like a child. Also, if you're just a normal. nice sort of person it can be very confusing working out how to be friends with people who are a bit more complicated!

I started writing when my eldest daughter was about that age; lots of the themes are based on things that happened to her - especially Gross-out Gavin on the bus! At the same time my brother and his wife had a new baby and they were so tired all the time. One day everything just came together in my head and the idea for Emily Sparkles appeared!

I am a bit like Emily's mum in the story. I try to do everything right but never seem to have the time - I think most mums are the same! I get really involved writing a story. Sometimes I forget I am writing at all because I am having so much fun with my characters in their world - then I sort of 'wake up' and realise I've burned the dinner again! My children are used to coming second to Emily now.

I also love hearing from my readers… it's all new to me as the book is only just out but it's so much fun to hear about which bits people are liking! I'm very lucky in that my editor Kate has asked me to write another three Emily Sparkles books… so look out for more disasters coming soon!

Cathy says:
I have read the first Emily Sparkles book and really LOVE it… it's lots of fun and a really cool read! Have YOU read a book you'd recommend to others recently? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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